Posting - 2023 edition

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Posting - 2023 edition

Post by Cornuck »

Edit: With the coming demise of the CDC boards, we expect to see a few new posters show up - already, we have some new users signed up.

Here's a run down on our site:
  • We have some EXCELLENT hockey talk
    We go off topic
    We swear and talk about anything - we are not PG-13
    Most of us have been posting on the various Canuck boards for over 20 years.
    We welcome ALL new posters, but new posters should be aware that we will call you out on dumb comments and lies. ;)
    We're old, cranky and just want to see a Cup in Vancouver before we die.
    Stay off our lawns.

Hey everyone,

The past week or so here has had some great hockey talk. Of course, there's been a lot to talk about, and that helps.

I'm asking everyone to do their best to continue on this trend, with less distractions, derailments and bringing up the same past 'points' that detract from the board.

Moving forward, the mods will be removing anything they consider distracting to the topic at hand. Of course, the bar and grill is there for bullshitting and going off topic, and there are some very specific threads that can be used in case someone needs to bring up the past.

The franchise is starting a new era, and we will also move forward as well. Let's see who has better success. ;)

Thanks to everyone who posts here, I feel that we have some of the best discussions, ideas and thoughts on the game on the web.
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Re: Posting - 2023 edition

Post by SKYO »

Salute to that!
Can the Canucks just win a Cup within the next 5 years.
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Re: Posting - 2023 edition

Post by Per »

Cornuck wrote: Mon Jan 23, 2023 11:13 am Edit: With the coming demise of the CDC boards...
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention??? :wow:
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Re: Posting - 2023 edition

Post by Pure 961089 »

My first post on CC coming from CDC. Been there since 2014 but I'll be coming here now.
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Re: Posting - 2023 edition

Post by Megaterio Llamas »

Pure 961089 wrote: Tue Sep 19, 2023 8:53 pm My first post on CC coming from CDC. Been there since 2014 but I'll be coming here now.
Welcome Pure 981089.

Thanks to a couple of you guys mentioning it over at CDC we got the email thing straightened out and a few have managed to sign up here so far.

Have fun and we'll see you around. :)
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Re: Posting - 2023 edition

Post by Carl Yagro »

Welcome Pure 961089.

Nice to have some new blood around here. Don't mind all the a**holes, they're quite harmless. :wink:
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Re: Posting - 2023 edition

Post by Topper »

Great first post
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