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http://www.hockeytraderumors.com/module ... e&sid=9069

I love rumours, theres something so intriguing about them.. but the thought of having elias as a canuck is quite exciting but what makes me realize this trade is BS is the fact that rasmussen is involved in the trade, he's a UFA which means someone hasnt done their research!!! but if this deal wasn't BS i would like to see paul martin involved with elias in the deal and i would snap it up in a heart beat.. because morrison is a ufa at the end of the year and ohlund as much as i love the guy is on the decline anyways.
But like i said just another rumour so don't get your hopes up.
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It's total BS. Even Hockeybuzz is reporting it. But their version is Elias and White for Mo, Ohlund and other stuff. Never gonna happen. Salaries don't even fit.

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