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Re: Team Canada Sochi

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Rumsfeld wrote:
Per wrote:[Nah, we played Finland and beat them. But then we still had one of our top three centres left... :|
Oh quit your fucking whining.

Canada had no Stamkos, no Tavares, no Giroux. All three of them are better than your three injured centers.

The better team won and they won easily.... like I told you they would in post #1.

Just be glad you made it to the gold medal game 'cause the Americans would have kicked the shit out of you as well.

Who's whining? Let me quote my own post in this very thread:
Per wrote: I think this was the best Canadian team I've ever seen. Sure, many of the earlier versions have impressed with individual performances from great superstars, but I've never seen a Canadian team this committed to playing as a team. Ths superstars held back in order to keep their positions within the decided strategy.

If Sweden had scored on Nyqvist's shot early on, the game would have changed, but I'm pretty sure Canada would have prevailed either way. First of all, Canada was the better team, and secondly, we had our three best playmakers missing.

Canada has the depth that they can afford missing Stamkos and Tavares and a handful more without losing much strength, but Sweden does not have the depth to be able to replace our top three centres and still be able to stand up to Canada. Bäckström playing or not playing would not have made that much difference, but the rest of the team finding out just about half an hour before the game that he was not playing probably messed with their minds a bit.

Sweden had the best power play in this tournament, but when they got the man advantage halfway through the third period, they couldn't even get the puck into Canada's zone.... It looked like they had all given up already. :cry:

In the end the best team won. I'm just sorry we couldn't put up a better fight.
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Re: Team Canada Sochi

Post by Rumsfeld »

Shut the fuck up Per.

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