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Re: General Manager History

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Strangelove wrote:
Blob Mckenzie wrote: Don't you mean Hairy Kneel ??
Some jokes never die eh Blobby? :thumbs:
LOL I used hairy kneel as a handle at both Bountiful and HF boards. It's like I already had two strikes against me before I even started posting. I believe Chairman mao and nfito and kron all used to post at central and/or here yet they have all become fucking nazi mods. Bountiful is another story altogether. B'ingo hates my guts for the original Bountiful thread that someone tore down. Twas a thing of beauty.
We wan out of da time- James Elmer Benning
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Re: General Manager History

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Thing of beauty indeed! :thumbs:

Agreed the mods at HF are Nazis these days!

Although Mao and NFITO aren't too bad, considering.

The "global mods" are the Hitler clones if you ask me....
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