Sunday, May 1st, 2016

The last I want to do is write another post about Alex Burrows but I don’t understand why the league has chosen to give the subject legs by making Burrows the villain of the piece. It would have been better for all concerned if they had left the issue swept under the rug. The Ron […]

My expectations going into last night’s game against the Rangers were very low because I’ve been a hockey fan for a long time and I know the team can’t survive for long with six injured forwards and Roberto Luongo on the sidelines. When the Canucks won yet again – and won easily – with a […]

I knew the schedule would be really bad this year because of the Olympics and I vowed not to do a post complaining about it this year. When the schedule actually came out, I almost broke that promise to myself but I managed to keep my mouth shut (at least partly because as bad as […] has learned that, along with the contracts of Marian Hossa of the Chicago Blackhawks and Chris Pronger of the Philadelphia Flyers, Roberto Luongo’s long-term contract extension with the Vancouver Canucks is under investigation to determine whether or not it circumvents the collective bargaining agreement. – The Hockey News Oh, please. The length and structure […]

David Shoalts is all over the latest scandal among the NHL ownership group. Apparently Len Barrie bought his half of the Tampa Bay Lightning with someone else’s money without telling the someone else what he was doing. According to the company auditor, Barrie’s actions were at best improper, and at worst, illegal. The matter also […]

Puck Daddy tips us off to a new Panther marketing campaign in Florida, a campaign that has the fans “hiring” an agent to negotiate lower ticket prices. In a later interview Panther’s president Michael Yormack declared that the ad campaign had nothing to do with the impending departure of Jay Bouwmeester: “Normally, we would do […]

The NHL has been underfunding its players’ pension plans by millions of dollars, shortchanging widows over a number of decades, an Ontario Superior Court judge has found. The decision means the league will have to top up its pension fund by as much as $30-million and may have to make retroactive payments to the widows […]

For the record, I’m glad Evgeni Malkin escaped suspension after his instigator penalty last night. However that doesn’t change the fact that a lesser player who did precisely the same thing would have been suspended. That’s bullshit. And speaking of double standards, I think the officiating has been excellent in the first two games of […]

Eric Duhatschek marks Monday’s 20th anniversary of the Calgary Flames Stanley Cup win, noting that the playoffs ended on May 25th that year. If Chicago beats Detroit in game 5 of their series, the Finals won’t start until June 5th. And in case your memory betrays you, it was an 80-game schedule back in ’89, […]

The Canucks haven’t lost a game all year when leading the game after two periods, so we were pretty confident around our house last night when the good guys held a 3-0 lead going into the third period. When the dust settled the Canuck record was still perfect, but our confidence was pretty badly scarred. […]