Thursday, May 5th, 2016

I can’t really complain too much about anything John Tortorella has done to date. I like half his system – a more aggressive forecheck – and don’t like the other half – a more passive, collapse to the net strategy on defense. I vote aggressive all over the ice. I hope he thinks the defensive […]

Just before the GM’s meetings, Ken Holland talked to Eric Duhatschek about the nonsensical way that the NHL determines the standings: “I was a big believer that we should go to the three-point game three or four years ago,” the Wings GM said. “I’m not a fan any more. What do you want? More separation? […]

Greg Whyshynski thinks the NHL may have to take action in the wake of the fiasco between Philadelphia and Tampa last night. The Lightning trapped and the Flyers delayed their contest into a nonhockey game. Clearly Greg is right if other coaches decide to follow the lead of Peter Laviolette. The Flyer response to the […]

I’m very happy about the decision to obtain David Booth because Booth is my kind of player – he’s a great skater, he’s strong, and he shoots the puck. That said, it isn’t clear that Booth will make the Canucks better right now. Mikael Samuelsson has been a surprisingly (to me) good player for Vancouver, […]

James Mirtle (correctly, in my view) thinks that the league is searching for more goals (and fewer shootouts) in Brendan Shanahan’s “Let’s Test Some more Gimmicks” circus currently playing itself out in Toronto: While most of those taking part were reluctant to classify the exercise as a search for more goals, the rule “rationales” given […]

I’m fairly skeptical of much of the statistical analysis being kicked around these days. I accept that hockey is a clash of probabilities and that events come more or less randomly. That makes statistical analysis possible, but I think all of the efforts to apply them to improve our assessment of individuals fail, partly because […]

Well, the result wasn’t very good, but at least Alain Vigneault’s team put a good game on the ice. On the night, I thought the Canucks deserved better. If they do as well on Tuesday, I think they’ll win. Other random thoughts: 1) I didn’t agree with Vigneault’s decision to start Schneider but I understand […]

Dear Tom, So what did you think about the Cooke suspension? I’m surprised you haven’t blogged about it. HGB I don’t know that I have anything particularly illuminating to say that hasn’t been said in about a million other stories on the issue. I wasn’t surprised by the severity of the suspension. Given that the […]

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has a story that describes the lawsuit filed by the owners of the Atlanta Thrashers against their own lawyers. Setting aside the merits of the case for a moment, a court case – and this one does seem likely to go to court – will provide the same sort of fodder […]

Elliotte Friedman nominates a surprising Canuck MVP for their first round series: It would have been very easy for the players to be distracted by the goofy belief of a conspiracy against the organization. Vigneault wouldn’t allow that. The coaching staff made the necessary adjustments and Vancouver won three straight to snare the series. For […]