Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

(Note: This is my last post on the Gary Bettman lockout fiasco. Promise. Unless I’m really, really provoked.) First, I think Gary’s apology was sincere. I don’t think he is a good enough actor to come across as that contrite and he did come across as contrite. Still, I wish that he had been far […]

Jenny Wren, a frequent poet/commenter over at Pass it to Bulis, sums up the feelings of a lot of hockey fans – including me – with her latest little ditty: While I admit some gratitude Fuck you remains my attitude Although I love to see them play My distaste still is in the way Corporate […]

Hurrah, I guess. Like most fans, I’m still trying to spit the taste of disgust out of my mouth. The only good news to come from the fiasco is the league decision to finally quit hitting itself over the head with a hamnmer. Otherwise? 1) The new CBA – whatever the provisions turn out to […]

As someone who has reached the conclusion that the NHL has to change fundamentally, I am pleased that the NHLPA is taking a step towards dissolving the Union even though we all suspect the real intent behind the move. I still think the most likely outcome when the dust settles is a new CBA I […]

I’ve said all along that once the money was settled the rest of the CBA would pretty much fall into place. I still think that’s the way it is going to work out and we’ll see the league play a little more than half a season. (I can’t decide how I feel about that. I […]

All of the recent decertification talk was enough to rouse me from my blogging lethargy. Unfortunately for me, Tyler Dellow wrote everything I wanted to say on the subject. I agree with him on every single point: 1) So far at least, the decertification noise sounds less like an effort to blow up the Union […]

Tyler Dellow sees some reason to be optimistic about the current state of negotiation, but I don’t think the third proposal from the NHLPA is going anywhere and I can’t share the optimism. I do agree with Tyler’s assessment of the work James Mirtle has done with the numbers (and his coverage of the work […]

Elliotte Freidman has written some nice pieces about the lockout – and he’s not alone among the mainstream media – but I think he is wrong with his story this morning. For the first time in this process, Bettman is ready to negotiate. Over the past few months, players launched a blitzkrieg of negative tweets […]

I haven’t made a post in more than a month because 1) almost nothing has happened, 2) almost nobody has managed to write anthing very interesting about the almost nothing and 3) I’ve found it hard to motivate myself to add to the pile of the almost nothing. The most recent NHL offer represents what […]

Now that the talks between the NHL and NHLPA are “in recess for a couple of weeks” it seems clear that the next news on the CBA front will be on September 15th, when Gary Bettman will announce that NHL owners are once again going on strike. Sigh. As far as anyone can tell, the […]