Monday, May 2nd, 2016

The level of vitriol being directed at Dany Heatley from the media seems astonishing to me. Dan Barnes, for example. I’m not a big fan of Dany Heatley (the person, not the player) but there is another way to see this story. While Heatley’s behaviour has been less than admirable, he hasn’t killed any dogs […]

How could Kane be this stupid? Everyday we hear stories of athletes getting in trouble and you would think that a young man with the world at his fingertips and a family that is looking out for him and is very involved in his life wouldn’t make a mistake like this. Then again, it is […]

The surprise wasn’t that the governors on Wednesday unanimously rejected Balsillie’s official application to become an NHL owner. That was like an “election” in a dictatorship – you didn’t really need to tally the ballots to know what the outcome would be. It was a sham process, designed to provide legal cover on both sides […]

John McDonough is generally getting crucified for firing Dale Tallon as his general manager and kicking him upstairs. Since I’m on record saying that I would fire Tallon in the wake of the qualifying offers fiasco, I feel obligated to defend the Hawk’s president. I don’t think it is hard to imagine the situation McDonough […]

Even though we all knew it was coming, I felt a real pang when Joe Sakic announced his retirement. Among Canuck fans he is probably the all time favourite opponent. It wasn’t just that he was a local boy – it was that he was the first local boy who became a truly great player. […]

The most recent revelation in the Coyote case note that the NHL is putting up another $17 MM to get the team through the next few weeks, but the subtext of this Shoalts story is the great deal Gretzky got when he signed onto the ownership team in Phoenix. I’m not so sure it was […]

How do you feel when a favourite player is traded to a team you despise? That’s about how I feel when my favourite hockey guy ends up being named the coach of the Edmonton Oilers. Here’s Steve Tambellini: With Pat Quinn, if I think of leadership, I think of Pat. If I think of how […]

In a piece that says that Kyle Wellwood is testing Alain Vigneault’s patience, Kyle is quoted as saying that he’s not overly concerned about the trade deadline next week. “I don’t know what kind of value I’d have right now,” he said.  Kyle should have mouthed the usual platitudes about controlling the things he can […]

Larry Brooks spends most of his column this morning to promoting Mark Messier’s hockey management ambitions: Coming up on five years after he played his last game, Messier is on the outside looking in while contemporaries such as Wayne Gretzky, Steve Yzerman, Al MacInnis and Ron Francis are making their marks in organizations around the […]

I’m not willing to defend Sean Avery in any respect even though I think he is a good hockey player. I’m certainly not willing to defend his comments about Dion Phaneuf or Elisha Cuthbert. If there was ever a doubt about whether or not Avery is an obnoxious boor, they have been put to rest. […]