Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Even though I knew Pat Quinn wasn’t well, I was shocked and saddened by the news of his death. I never met the man, but it is still an intensely personal loss. There are about a million Pat Quinn stories out there, all of them describing a fine man, a man who was widely respected […]

I don’t have all that much to say about the fact that Pavel Bure finally made the cut and will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Clearly he belongs. I am happy for Bure because I’m sure he cares and he is easily my all time favourite player. Still, it doesn’t do anything to […]

I don’t know all that much about twitter. I know it is a big thing among lots of people, but 140 character conversations really don’t float my boat. Still, I had to click through on the story about how Joffrey Lupul’s twits tracked down a lost cell phone for him. In ten minutes, no less. […]

I can’t imagine any scenario that sees the owners choosing to fire Gary Bettman. (And even if they did choose to get rid of him, they would hire somebody else just like him.) An actual hockey commissioner is an impossible dream. Another impossible dream? If the hockey media simply decided to ignore him. But why […]

Tyler Dellow’s explosive Colin Campbell post. First, kudos to Tyler for actually doing some investigative journalism. I’ve been doing this stuff pretty much from the beginning and its the first time a blogger has broken a real story, a story that had to be picked up by the mainstream hockey media and it is also […]

I haven’t posted much lately for a number of reasons but I have been following things and I’ve very nearly made several different posts on the news (or lack of news) this summer. The short version of about six posts: 1) In Cowtown – Even though I thought Daryl Sutter was nuts to trade for […]

Kevin Allen of USA Today delivers up what he considers to be the top ten surprises of the season so far. Here is his third choice: Patric Hornqvist leading Nashville in scoring with 21 goals: He¬Ęs playing just 15 minutes per game, and no 20-goal scorer is playing fewer minutes than he is. In terms […]

I thought Darryl Sutter was mad to trade for Olli Jokinen a year ago and I think he is mad to now trade Jokinen for Kotalik and Higgins. I don’t think the Flames can possibly be better for the trade this season and they sure won’t be better for it over the next couple of […]

For the most part I haven’t argued very much with those who like to look at hockey through a statistical lens even though I don’t buy much of it insofar as it applies to individual players. I don’t think it hurts anyone to play around with the numbers. Some of the best hockey bloggers are […]

James Mirtle provides a list of former NHL players trying out at training camps around the league. The headliner is, of course Theo Fleury in Calgary. As Mirtle indicates, few have much of a chance to extend their careers. Let’s face it – these players are for the most part nothing more than cannon fodder, […]