Saturday, May 7th, 2016

I wasn’t surprised and I don’t think anyone else should be have been surprised either. I almost wrote a pregame post about how the over the top reaction of the entire province to this Stanley Cup run had an ugly dark side, one that threatened to explode, win or lose. In some ways, the incredible […]

Harrison Mooney is very tired of media coverage in this Stanley Cup Final: But make no mistake: at the cost of sounding like a homer (which I can handle, as a Canucks blogger) there is a bias, and we’ve seen it in the laughably anti-Canucks national coverage of this year’s Stanley Cup Final. As the […]

David Shoalts thinks Gary Bettman is coming out of relocation fiasco smelling like a rose: The Phoenix Coyotes and the Atlanta Thrashers caused Gary Bettman much embarrassment over the years but the NHL commissioner is once again poised to emerge unscathed. Bettman would use the gains from the impending sale of the Atlanta Thrashers to […]

Stephen Brunt flatly declares that an agreement is in place to move the Thrashers to Winnipeg. Indeed, he claims the agreement has been in place for months: …sources in Winnipeg suggest that the Thrashers had in fact been the primary target of potential owners Mark Chipman and David Thomson all along, and that some months […]

What kind of media critic blasts a news organization for behaving responsibly? Bruce Dowbiggin. One of Hockey Night in Canada’s greatest assets is its reporting – something neither TSN nor Rogers Sportsnet quite matches on a big story. So why in the name of Ward Cornell did Hockey Night completely ignore the death of 28-year-old […]

Elliotte Friedman’s analysis of the winning goal in the critical fourth game of the Montreal-Boston series pins the goat horns on PK Subban. I do like the idea of doing this kind of autopsy, but I think Friedman and Healy are awfully hard on PK in this case. Subban chose a bad time to make […]

Several comments on various issues around the league on the day before the night the Canucks take their first round series: 1) Harrison Mooney over at PITB has his tongue in his cheek while he explains why the Hawks are bad and don’t deserve any success against the Canucks. He passed up on the opportunity […]

I don’t think Theo Fleury will turn out to be correct with his prediction that the Canucks are headed towards a first round loss, but we all know that the idea is not out of the question. Almost any Flames’ fan is likely to be hoping he is correct. His reason – that Luongo is […]

Tyler Dellow doesn’t think much of the latest piece of arena propaganda published in the Edmonton Journal. (I’m actually starting to feel sorry for the citizens of Edmonton as they try to negotiate through a blizzard of pro arena articles.) The author of the propaganda – Stephen A. Buser – recently completed a study for […]

I can’t imagine any scenario that sees the owners choosing to fire Gary Bettman. (And even if they did choose to get rid of him, they would hire somebody else just like him.) An actual hockey commissioner is an impossible dream. Another impossible dream? If the hockey media simply decided to ignore him. But why […]