Sunday, May 1st, 2016

I regularly read Lowetide partly because I keep a pretty close eye on the Oilers, but mostly because he and I grew up watching the same players. He often likes to make a point – like in this post – using things like Steve Shutt’s scouting report from 1972: Steve Shutt plays his position (LW) […]

Tyler Dellow is one of my favourite bloggers. I’ve read him for years. If pressed to explain why when I don’t hold much truck with hockey analytics, I say something like this, “He’s got an interesting point of view and he writes well. I don’t think the data he uses has anywhere near the validity […]

One of the most annoying things about Don Cherry is his habit of reminding viewers how smart he is when one of his predictions hits the mark. “I told you so” does not work very well in the pundit business. First, he is supposed to be right, so it isn’t a very impressive claim. Second, […]

I don’t have all that much to say about the fact that Pavel Bure finally made the cut and will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Clearly he belongs. I am happy for Bure because I’m sure he cares and he is easily my all time favourite player. Still, it doesn’t do anything to […]

Ed Willes has written a couple of thoughtful pieces about the complicated issues presented by the recent criticism of the CBC – specifically Don Cherry – by the NHL. While he does not support what Cherry said, Willes does not believe the league should try to silence him either. First, he wrote: The coverage provided […]

I often like Cam Cole, but his latest really gives me the pip. I suppose Cole can be forgiven for buying the media narrative of the Stanley Cup Finals given that he was part of the pack of inkstained wretches who penned that narrative. I think it was nonsense myself, but Cole has to buy […]

In a column that explored controversy around the “White Sox think Toronto Blue Jays are cheaters” ESPN story, Bruce Dowbiggin explains his newspaper’s policy on the use of anonymous sources: So what is the journalistic standard for anonymous sources? Policies vary in the industry, but here at The Globe and Mail, while anonymous sources are […]

We are seeing more and more references to the expiring CBA and what will be in store for us after next season. First, there was this from Larry Brooks: This is what the league wanted to use as evidence that the system is hopelessly broken and tilted in favor of the big markets — the […]

While Tony Gallagher has not identified any great flaws in the makeup or even the play of the Canucks over the past year, he is not so subtly declaring that he is ready to see Alain Vigneault lose his job. Since we have seen Gallagher’s act many times before, we know that if the Canucks […]

Is this crazy or what? Its Ed Willes claiming Gillis is guilty of impaired judgment because he doesn’t think his team needs to make a lot of changes and because he actually had the temerity to question the standards of enforcement during the Final. Willes isn’t exactly clear about where Gillis went wrong, but apparently […]