Thursday, April 28th, 2016

NHL items that have caught my eye over the past few weeks: 1) I can’t take the most recent agreement to sell the Phoenix Coyotes very seriously. The sticky part doesn’t seem to have gotten any less sticky – the city of Glendale has to pony up significant cash. Even if they are willing – […]

Ellen Etchingham makes a number of thoughtful and valid points in this post on concussions, the culture of hitting in the NHL and in hockey more generally, and finding a workable (and effective) disciplinary system. She concludes with: What we often forget when proposing new punishments is that the players are not only objects of […]

Tom, Don’t want to put any pressure on you to post, but I’m dying to hear your thoughts on the Canucks and the playoffs in general. Is there anything more to say than the league’s best team has run into a hot goalie and are missing their top scorer due to a gratuitously violent non-hockey […]

Brief comments on various stories or issues around the NHL: 1) Are there any other Canuck fans who are hoping that Columbus ends up with the first overall draft pick? They’ve already indicated they are prepared to deal the choice and I can’t think of a better return for Cory Schneider. 2) I know Oiler […]

I’m going to comment on the Duncan Keith suspension even though I’m probably going to hear about how, as a Canuck fan, I cannot be expected to have an unbiased opinion. In a sense, this is unfair because nothing Brendan Shanahan did was going to affect the Vancouver Canucks. In another sense, I plead guilty. […]

According to Darren Dreger, NHL GMs will be discussing whether or not removing the red line was good for player safety and even whether the decision to eliminate the two line offside has improved the game. Greg Wyshynyski, while worried about the safety issue, thinks that it has been a good rule, and is afraid […]

Tyler Dellow has been lacing into the Edmonton management group with a series of posts that demonstrate the incompetence of Kevin Lowe and the people he has hired to make the hockey decisions. His most recent begins with the point that the Oilers were the league leaders in whining about the CBA that was destroyed […]

I caught a few minutes of McCown today while his roundtable reviewed the state of each of the Canadian teams. I missed most of what they said about the Canucks (and I don’t care enough to go through McCown’s archives) but as an aside about another team Damien Cox said, “Vancouver is head and shoulders […]

Rick Nash to Vancouver? Zero – and I mean zero – chance. Why on earth would the Canucks want to get Rick Nash now? That’s a terrible idea. Not only would he cost two or three of Schneider, Hodgson and Tanev, the Canucks would have to drop at least two other players to fit Nash […]

Elliotte Friedman thinks that Mark Howe had a point when he said, “I like the game a little better in our era, mostly because the players policed the game. I think there’s so much onus put on the officials right now …” I thought a lot about what Howe said during the Hockey Night In […]