Friday, April 29th, 2016

Here’s Iain MacIntyre on the Vancouver goaltending situation after Alain Vigneault opted for Cory Schneider on Wednesday night: With everything at stake, the Vancouver Canucks chose Wednesday to play the goalie who had the best chance of saving their season. Maybe you heard. It wasn’t the guy who has been the starter for six years, […]

Tom, Don’t want to put any pressure on you to post, but I’m dying to hear your thoughts on the Canucks and the playoffs in general. Is there anything more to say than the league’s best team has run into a hot goalie and are missing their top scorer due to a gratuitously violent non-hockey […]

On the Canucks as the regular season winds down: 1. It’s amazing really. The Canucks have failed to meet the fan and media expectations for most of the year, yet with two games to go the team has a better than decent chance of being the first repeat winner of the President’s Trophy in more […]

I’m going to comment on the Duncan Keith suspension even though I’m probably going to hear about how, as a Canuck fan, I cannot be expected to have an unbiased opinion. In a sense, this is unfair because nothing Brendan Shanahan did was going to affect the Vancouver Canucks. In another sense, I plead guilty. […]

Tony Gallagher delivers up a particularly vitriolic rant this morning after the lacklustre performance delivered up by the Canucks against Montreal Saturday night: Perhaps now the Vancouver Canucks are disintegrating before their eyes, those so utterly determined to make excuses for these guys will give it a rest. When you lose to the worst team […]

The headline of this Jason Botchford story states that the Canucks are “desperate for a second line”, an assertion that is clearly ridiculous. The Canucks are not desperate for anything. How many teams in the NHL would like to have Vancouver’s problems? What problems? To be fair to Botchford, he probably did not write the […]

Lost in the Hodgson hysteria was what the Canucks did not do at the deadline. They did not go out and find a veteran defenseman to replace Keith Ballard. Instead they picked up an inexperienced player who probably won’t play until someone gets hurt. This is a very clear vote of confidence in Chris Tanev. […]

A comment from the previous thread got me thinking about one point about the Hodgson trade that I have not seen discussed very much. J21 wrote: Your point is taken that “the deal was there now, so Gillis took it,” but I find it hard to believe he couldn’t have gotten a better return by […]

The trading of Cody Hodgson probably won’t go down well with a lot of fans, but I’m giving Mike Gillis props here. Gillis probably hasn’t made the team any better for this year, but I don’t think their chances are any worse either. I’ve said several times that Cody Hodgson – like Cory Schneider – […]

Ed Willes cautions Canuck fans about reading too much into the team’s victory against Detroit on Thursday night. While he is right about the significance of one game – any game – when comparing two teams, he makes way too much of the scheduling differences faced by the Wings and Canucks: The Detroit Red Wings […]