Friday, May 6th, 2016

The Coverage


Harrison Mooney is very tired of media coverage in this Stanley Cup Final:

But make no mistake: at the cost of sounding like a homer (which I can handle, as a Canucks blogger) there is a bias, and we’ve seen it in the laughably anti-Canucks national coverage of this year’s Stanley Cup Final. As the big media has descended on Vancouver, fans have been subjected to writing from individuals who rarely cover this team, don’t particularly like this team, and would rather this team didn’t win. These writers have attacked the Canucks incessantly, misquoted players, called them names, and gleefully jumped on every opportunity to paint the team in a negative light. Then, they’ve had the nerve to dishonestly claim their one-sided coverage is fair and balanced, and insulted anyone that’s tried to say otherwise.

For fans of this team, it’s been infuriating.

I’m not convinced it is biased coverage – I would have said lazy, ignorant and incompetent – but I don’t really care why the national press has decided to spin this season’s playoff narrative the way they have. The choice according to them? Either an unworthy team will win the Cup, or the Canucks will lose on Wednesday because they are unworthy.

Very little has been written about the actual hockey. The absurdity of the coverage has even been noticed by some hockey reporters. Here’s Cam Cole:

You may have heard of [the fact the Canucks can win the Cup Monday], but only if you’ve waded through a raft of schoolyard insults first. And that’s just in the two towns’ media. It’s kind of embarrassing, frankly.

Indeed. And its really inexplicable. There are always lots of positive stories to tell at this time of year. Vancouver and Boston have both worked incredibly hard – 105 games and counting – to get to this point. Both teams are banged up. Both have done enough to win a Stanley Cup and one of them is going to do it in the next few days. One team that has done enough is going to lose. Both are giving it all on every single shift.

Both teams should have earned grudging admiration (at the very least) from the fans and the media. Some respect. All there really is left to do is congratulate the winners and console the losers.

Too boring? I guess. Particularly when we can wait to see whether the Cup can possibly go to a team with twin sisters, a choker in goal, a bunch of cowardly cheats and a few vicious thugs.

Now that’s drama, eh?

If there is any consolation for Harrison and other infuriated fans it is that the players have made it clear that they no longer care. I figure we should take our cues from them. If anything, they’ll enjoy winning all the more because of the press. Me, too.

Shove it all back in their faces, boys.

Postscript: Even though so many experts have painted them as unworthy, I’m feeling pretty good about the Canuck’s chances in the last road game of the season. I think we’ll see the “A” game because I’ve watched them all year and – for what it is worth – I think they are pretty fucking worthy.

Go Canucks.

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10 Responses to “The Coverage”
  1. Jeremy says:

    Yes! So well said. Listening to the msm, you’d think the Canucks were the first team to employ pests, the only team playing at the edges of the rules, and a team that somehow fluked their way this deep into the playoffs.

  2. Tom says:

    I think we have to accept that it is a story. The narrative leaves the villain role to the Canucks in this one, just like Miami was painted as the bad guy in the NBA Final. Its mostly temporary. The media tune will change if they win (although many fans won’t change.)

    Its just a story. An annoying story. 100% noise. Zero content. It must drive the players crazy but it suits the NHL just fine as it hypes the series, building interest. Somebody has to be Darth Vader.

  3. James Mirtle says:

    I know you said in another thread you didn’t like my theory, but I’m fairly sure people just like to tear down the favourites. No one cheers for the overdog.

    People have heard about how good Vancouver is for so long that it’s completely different than when the Oilers surprised everyone, went to the finals and had the country jump on the bandwagon.

    I actually find the Canucks to be a bit bland and methodical.

  4. Boxcar says:

    I am not sure if you have been watching the games on CBC but other than Don Cherry it has been nothing but man love from Hughson, Simpson and Healy. I know that everyone on the west coast feels somehow misunderstood, but trust me, people are getting tired of hearing all the whining and griping coming from the Nucks and their fans. Shut up and play. The Canucks are the better team, now its time to show what they can do. You know what? I think Vancouver will win and then they can talk about how everyone was against them, blah, blah ,blah. This is a damn good hockey team and I think they will bring the Stanley Cup to Canada, whether they want to share it with the rest of the country or not.

  5. Roberto says:

    I actually find the Canucks to be a bit bland and methodical.

    Like Detroit? I happen to agree with you. This Canucks team, when they are on, goes a out things in a very mehodical, business-like manner. Like a well-oiled machine. A Swiss watch. Just like the team they’ve patterned their entire organization after. It doesnt make the hockey any less beautiful or exciting. In fact, I love it. the calm, clinical precision with which they dispatched most teams this year was like watching a bunch of Jason Bournes go Treadstone on the opposition. No anger, no fury, but just battered and defeated opponents at the end, marveling at what they made them give.

  6. Roberto says:

    With regards to the media, I think part if the reason is historical – Burrows is the guy who whined about the biased red last year. LaPierre is a monumental pest from years gone by. This, and that tthe Sedins have telepathy, are about all the Eastern, that is, the majority of, the media knows about the Canucks. These storylines were written before he first puck was ever dropped in the final series. Add in officiating that leaves Canucks fans wondering if a Bruin needs to maim an opponent before a call will be made (actually, we learned the answer to that one – it was “no, not even then”), and you’ve got the other half of the story – not only are the Canucks a bunch of finger-biting divers, but they’re a bunch of whiners, to boot. Unlike that poor Bruin showing his finger owie to the linesman. Oh, no. He’s tough! Gritty! “There was a red spot – see, right there! No, that’s the knuckle crease. Right there, below it, see!” Fine with me. If someone had shoved their smelly, moldy-ass glove in my mouth, I wouldn’t have stopped till I was spitting the padding-wrapped digit out into the ice. Of course, then I’d probably be a Bruin, and that nine-fingered Canuck should be able to play with such a minor scratch and not worry about the fact that not only was I not penalized, but his 10 minute misconduct for whining about it was a gift, a chance to reflect on how complaining is for pussies and doesn’t get you anywhere.


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