Jason Kurylo Podcast: No love for Bernier & Alberts, Hank for Hart & Playoff Talk

Jason Kurylo presents the first ever CanucksCorner.com podcast, which he has affectionately titled “Bernier Is A Turd”. We’re not sure is this will be the permanent name of his podcasts, but we remind everyone the opinions expressed on CanucksCorner.com are those of the authors and may not reflect the opinion of CanucksCorner.com. :)

Jason and his co-host Chris Withers discuss amongst other topics, their dislike for Steve Bernier and Andrew Alberts, the Hart Trophy chances of Henrik Sedin, the Rocket Richard trophy, playoff matchups, hits to the head and pretty much every other recent hockey topic! To get started, click on the Ipod below!

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Quiet confidence is a great feeling.

I have to say, that was the most stress free series I think I’ve watched the Canucks play. Not at any point did I feel like the series was in jeopardy of slipping away. The Blues fought hard, but were clearly over matched in key areas of the game. In fact the only area you could say the Canucks could improve would be staying out of the penalty box. This will be imperative in the next round and beyond if the Canucks hope to keep this ball rolling. [Read more…]