The State of California:Two out of Three Ain’t Bad

After winning in Colorado 5-2 after being down 2-0, the Canucks headed to sunny California. A state that hasn’t been kind to Vancouver over the last three years. Last year, only one victory was recorded and it was in San Jose. The winning goaltender was Roberto Luongo. The only other victory over an NHL California-based team was at home was versus the LA Kings and Eddie Lack backstopped that one on April 5.

First stop San Jose

The Canucks carried some good momentum coming into San Jose with a come from behind win against the Avalanche in Denver. However, it did not translate into a good start or even a good game for the Vancouver Canucks in the Shark Tank.  Ryan Miller stopped 34 out of 36 SOG. The Canucks couldn’t get much offense going throughout the whole game. Only recording 19 SOG for the game, it’s a wonder how they came up with the victory. Much credit goes to Ryan Miller but Vrbata on the 2 on 1 with Daniel, opened up Canucks scoring with this glorious goal in the dying seconds of the 1st period.

The Canucks didn’t even skate well enough to draw many penalties from the Sharks this game. In fact, they had one power play but they made it count. Edler with a tally from the point.

With less than three minutes to go in the game, Nick Bonino scores the winner from a pass after a takeaway made by Alex Burrows. It was a beauty.

Ryan Miller steals one for his team in San Jose and the Canucks are off to Los Angeles.

Still Can’t Beat LA

 The Canucks are still trying to figure out one side of the same colour of the Rubik’s Cube when it comes to finding out how to win over the LA Kings. Ryan Miller looked human and Eddie Lack started the third period. Higgins managed to keep the Canucks not being shut out streak alive just over halfway through the third. Perhaps, Desjardins will look at finding a way to figure out this puzzle and the next time the Canucks face the LA Kings, the results will improve.

Another 19 SOG effort from the Canucks was not even close to being enough to compete with the LA Kings, who decided to show up and play versus Vancouver after dropping a game to the New York Islanders. LA brings their A-game when they want and they seem to really want when they face the Canucks. They seem to want to turn the switch on when it’s playoff time as well and have it resulting in two Stanley Cups in the last three years.  LA has mastered “The Switch”, maybe the Canucks should ask them how exactly they can do that.

Redemption in Anaheim

With much talk about the Ryan Kesler trade in this match up, the Canucks were now down in the OC to face the Ducks. Which team is getting the benefits of the trade early this season? I’ll break that down shortly but more importantly, as a team, they needed to bounce back after an atrocious effort in LA and for most of the game last night, it did. A much better effort for most of the game from the Canucks. They played what many of the experts call a “smart road game”.

With no Vrbata, Dorsett and Kassian, the Canucks had a very hard task ahead of them. Going into Anaheim to face the best team in the NHL with Hansen playing on the top line and the insertion of Nik Jensen and Defazio from Utica and Bo Horvat gets to play his fourth straight game.

Kesler/Bonino Round 1

Both Kesler and Bonino assisted on the regulation goals. But it was the shootout where Bonino prevails and Ryan Kesler’s shots are still hitting the posts. However, isn’t Ryan Kesler an incredible two-way player? I miss that, and that’s the Ryan Kesler that played 11 years in a Canucks uniform. Anaheim is very lucky.

Winner of trade Round 1: Nick Bonino 

Canucks win in the shootout and Eddie Lack finally gets his first win of the season and first win ever over Anaheim last night.

Finally got to see some Lack Dancing. Photo credit: Vancity Buzz

Finally got to see some Lack Dancing. Photo credit: Vancity Buzz

Overall, the Canucks have a lot of work to do when it comes to playing teams in California. They have to find a way to throw more activity at the goalies. Shoot more pucks and pounce on more rebounds. Keeping it simple and effective, much like their Saturday night opponents, the LA Kings. However, I will take the points on this road trip. Six out of eight points starting in Colorado and 2/3’s of the state of California had the Canucks in the win column.

Some of us, however, are not convinced.

Are they contenders? No, and this isn’t 2011 either. Changes have been made and adjustments still needed. However, they aren’t that bottom third of the league as they were last season.  Resilience is a good trait to have. It helps pave the way to move forward. There is a lot to improve but unlike last year, they seem to listen and value their coaching staff and each other a little more and the last two periods in Anaheim, it showed.

Pre-Game Thoughts: Canucks at Edmonton Oct.17/14


Canucks take on the Oilers in Edmonton tonight.

Canucks take on the Oilers in Edmonton tonight.


The Canucks finally get to play some hockey again. After a five day rest from their last game, Vancouver visits Edmonton for the second time already this regular season.  The 2-0 Canucks take on the winless Edmonton Oilers (0-3-1) in an old Northwest Division (if it still existed) battle. The last time these two teams met was the Canucks home opener on October 11th at Rogers Arena. In a game where the Canucks were a step slow to start off, they battled back from a three goal deficit to win 5-4 in a shootout. 

While the Oilers have already played four games, and won none of them, the Canucks have been sitting idling for five days since their last NHL action. The Oilers will have home ice advantage and I am sure the Oilers faithful will represent loudly. A team in disarray and no direction looking for their first win versus an undefeated but possibly game-rusty team could make for an interesting game and outcome.  With the battles these two teams have had in recent years, it has the potential to get heated and possibly ugly. It would better serve the Canucks to keep things disciplined and play their game. 

The Oilers have been the whipping boy of their opponents so far this season suffering a humiliating loss in LA and have only one point in the standings to show for their efforts. That sole point came from the Vancouver Canucks. They are desperate, they have home ice and this game worries me a little. I hate facing teams who need a win desperately and will probably do anything to get it, especially against a team they consider a rival. 

The Canucks would need to shake off their game rust by attacking quickly and frequently. They would need to stay out of the penalty box and take to the Oilers without taking penalties. The key is to score first and keep attacking. Who ever is in net for the Canucks tonight needs to be sharp and shut down the young guns of the Edmonton Oilers. 

So tonight, either two streaks will continue or two streaks will end. I prefer the former. 


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Canucks Resurrect Successful Power Play Against Flames

By Caleb Harder –


On Friday night, the Vancouver Canucks won their third straight game in the preseason. In the back-to-back finale against the Calgary Flames, newly acquired goaltender Ryan Miller debuted in the blue and green followed up by Joacim Errikson for the second half as Eddie Lack got the night off. The game played was a complete flip from Thursday’s outing as the Canucks turned it around showing they were clearly the dominant team in the building.

The game in itself was refreshing because it was the first game, in what has seemed like a millennium that the Canucks were a force to be reckoned with on the power play. Out of seven opportunities, the boys were able to net three goals provided by Linden Vey, Jannik Hansen, and Radim Vrbata.

The Sedins were back to their old glory days alongside Vrbata who was a seamless fit with the two stars on the first line. Everything fell right into place as the team successfully cycled the puck, knocking the Flames out of place and winding Douglas Carr into a blubbering mess on the ice. Linden Vey successfully screened Carr in the second period and scored on a rebound off the goaltender’s pads. The goal by Vey and the lead up to it made a large impression on what fans are hoping to see this year. Henrik Sedin was a key contributor to the power play on Friday setting up for the assist on all three goals scored. Radim Vrbata scored one goal and took a total of 12 shots when including attempts. As can be seen by his play, Vrbata likes to shoot and was 11th in the NHL last year with 263 shots on net.

Even though the boys played against a team of Flames that will be starring on their farm team this season, fans were still pleased to see the veteran players tie the knot. There was not a single line that looked lost in the game and it gave us a promising preview of Willie Desjardins’ four line system.

Fellow Canucks fans, the boys are back.

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Sloppy First Line Play Overshadowed by Shinkaruk

Caleb Harder –

sbisa_700x400The Vancouver Canucks arrived in the Saddledome last night to begin a back-to-back preseason series against the Calgary Flames. Throughout the first thirty minutes of the game the Flames dominated the Canucks outshooting the team 20-5. A penalty shot attempt from Lance Bouma was caused by a zero effort chop from Ryan Stanton. If it were not for the smooth saves by Eddie Lack, the game would have been over by the first period. The first line consisting of Alex Burrows, Nick Bonino, and Zack Kassian looked like they forgot how to play the game and could not pass or shoot the puck at all. The defense was not much better as Stanton and Huskins were occupied playing “Dodge the Puck” and “Never Let Go, Jack” (if you do not understand this you obviously have not watched Titanic. It’s a great movie.)

Fortunately, in the second half of the game, the rookies were around once again to save the day. Hunter Shinkaruk set his name in stone with another outstanding game. The boy who appeared in a world famous hockey photo seventeen years ago scored his first goal in the Saddledome as a Vancouver Canuck.

Shinkaruk has been the most impressive prospect on the roster racking up four points in two games this year. The 19-year-old prospect is coming in a few months fresh off a hip surgery and is already performing at a professional level.  He has been nothing but impressive in his second preseason stint and is an enthusiastic playmaker that fans will never get tired of. Hunter has been full of flashy moves, excellent hockey sense and knows how to carry a team on his back.

In current analysis, Hunter Shinkaruk is projected to one day be a top six forward and is exactly the right replacement for the hole left behind by Ryan Kesler. If the second line on the regular season is confirmed to be Burrows-Bonino-Kassian, the trio is going to have a very difficult time in keeping their placement on the team.

“They push guys and guys have to get better or else we’ll go with them,” said Willie Desjardins. “We have to go with the guys who are playing.”

The young stars of the Canucks are hungry for a spot with the team and it looks like it will not be a cake walk for the veterans much longer.


#3 Nicklas Jensen

G: 1 A: 0 PTS: 1 +/- 1

#2 Hunter Shinkaruk

G: 1 A: 1 PTS: 2 +/- 2

#1 Eddie Lack

SA: 20 GA: 0.00 SV% 1.000

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Part Two: Expanding The NHL: How An Expansion Draft Could Impact The Canucks


In a three part series Caleb Harder looks how a potential expansion draft could have an impact on the Vancouver Canucks. In part two, he looks at the defence.

As we mentioned in Part One, rumours made their way through newspaper and the internet that the National Hockey League would be granting four new franchises to Seattle, Quebec City, Toronto, and Las Vegas. If the rumours turn out to be true, the NHL will hold an expansion draft for the awarded franchises.

In the expansion draft, each existing team has the choice of protecting one goaltender, nine forwards, and five defensemen, or the option of protecting two goaltenders, three defensemen, and seven forwards. For teams that protect two goaltenders, all remaining goaltenders are required to have played a minimum of 10 NHL games in the previous season or 25 total games in the previous two seasons. Each team must also have one defenseman and two forwards left unprotected who have played in 40 NHL games in the previous season or 70 games combined in the previous two. Players exempted from the draft are first and second year pro’s and presumably other prospects.

In the Canucks current position, the team has the ability to choose whatever option they please in protecting players, but I will be using the “two goaltenders, seven forwards, three defensemen” format for this series. With all those rules in mind, if the expansion draft were to take place tomorrow, which defensemen would the Canucks protect on their roster and why?

To give an overview of the players eligible in the draft here is a quick overview chart of the defensemen on the roster.



(3) Kevin Bieksa

Kevin “Juice” Bieksa is the true definition of leadership. Bieksa always provides 110% in the game whether it’s standing up for his teammates, delivering a solid hit on the opposing team when they get in the zone, or setting up his line mates for the winning goal. He is one of the most physical and aggressive defenders in the game and is not afraid to provide some gritty play. The Juice is a player with a true passion for the game and the kind of defenseman a team should never think twice about protecting for their roster.

(2)  Dan Hamhuis

Last year, Dan Hamhuis had the best plus minus rating among his fellow team mates. It seemed to be in the previous season that he was always on the ice when the Canucks scored and when they were scored on. Hamhuis has proven throughout his ten year career to have a decent point shot, however he is a fantastic defenseman when it comes to setting himself up an assist with a career high of 33 assists in the 2011-12 season with the Vancouver Canucks. Hamhuis also proved under the John Tortorella regime last season that he can definitely put the puck into the net and who knows, maybe this year it will be on the opposing team.

(8) Chris Tanev

Chris Tanev is the image of the Vancouver Canucks defensive future. The 24-year-old blue liner has strong hockey knowledge and can swiftly move the puck like no one else. His playing style is most comparable to former Canuck, Christian Ehrhoff, whom he played alongside in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final season. The undrafted defenseman has been one of the few successful prospects of the Mike Gillis era and it looks like it’s nothing but up for the rest of Tanev’s career.

If these three were to be protected by Jim Benning and the Vancouver Canucks, it would create the trifecta of the modern defensemen as it fills in the requirements of being tough on the ice, large on offensive strength, and honing the basics of what a strong defenseman is overall.

Part Three: Goaltenders

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