Down 3-1, It’s Time to Cheer Them, Win or Lose

It was hard watching the Canucks falter last night. It was even harder seeing so many fans lambast them to Timbuktu. For me, I have invested so much of my passion with this team, as many of you out there have. Although the level hasn’t always stayed steady at all times, I’ve had down turns as well, I have always loved this team.  And in their toughest hour in the 2015 playoffs, I’m still here. Although it just got tougher with two regulars out of the line-up, and an uphill battle of being down 3-1 in the series, I will be waving the towel and cheering the boys on.

If the hockey team is reflective of the support at Rogers Arena, the team is then, at the equal level. Yes, Friday was a great display of support, but the Wednesday before that, was very sub-par. I know it’s hard Vancouver, to have to cheer for something before it even gets started, but it seems we have lost our enthusiasm of our self-professed love for our hockey team. At times, I have felt, many in this fan-base seem entitled when it comes to the success of the Canucks. Success and respect is earned, and as a fan base, we still have a lot of earning to do.

  • The level of anger that goes on when the Canucks lose, even a regular season game, have half the fans wanting to blow up the team. It could have been a solution, had Mike Gillis not given so many players NTCs in their current contracts, but it’s not the reality. Not everyone is a Jason Garrison and would wave to be moved to anywhere to help out the team. It’s difficult to expect a full rebuild when you have to keep members of the old core around and have to transition around that. It’s possible to have small steps to success as we have seen here this season, but you can’t expect a full blown rebuild. Besides, who wants to be Edmonton and be rebuilding for a decade? *wink*
  • Hindsight is 20/20. Everyone is an expert when things go wrong or if things go right. I do it too. This season, I bitched for so long about Weber to be put on the PP. It didn’t matter which unit, but when the Canucks had him on the 1st unit and their scoring became viable again, I was doing the biggest “I told you so!” peacock boast. It’s happening now with the playoffs, but that’s the thing. We really don’t know. We really don’t know what is happening and why they are playing the way they are. It’s just one of those things.
  • Going after your own fan-base on a personal level because you disagree on something  . One thing to disagree and discuss, it’s another to down-right degrade. I’ve been part of a Canucks discussion board for years, and I see ‘men’ in their middle age act like juvenile delinquents if someone doesn’t see things their way. There is something about hockey that brings out the best and the worst out of people.
  • #TeamLack #TeamMiller- perhaps if Canucks fans stood more in unity with each other, especially with the tough losses, instead of dividing the camps like this season did with “Goalie Teams”. I haven’t been a big fan of Kevin Bieksa in years. He hasn’t been that guy we had in 2011, since, well, 2011. None of the guys are, but he’s definitely dropped off the most since the Cup run of the remaining players. But I know he is going to be a part of this team, unless he says otherwise. So I’ll just complain about the plays he misses or makes instead of how I am #TeamTanev. Don’t you remember? We are all Canucks.
  • Higher expectations since the Canucks did finish 2nd in the Pacific and both LA and San Jose did not make playoffs. The Canucks have brought their game more often than not when the big teams are across the ice and perhaps the Canucks and this fan base still see Calgary as a more inferior team. The thing is, Calgary knows what the Canucks can do and they came to play. I think the Canucks still haven’t gotten that Calgary is actually for real. – That’s ok. It happens. Cinderella does make the ball too.

This season, the Canucks have exceeded my expectations. I was thinking they were sneaking into the playoffs. I didn’t expect them to be as good as they have been. A lot of that has to do with making steps towards the right direction and that’s the goal, moving forward. It’s ok to stumble. In fact, I’d rather they do, so they can fix the stumble and not do it again. So in year 1 of new management and coaching staff, let them stumble. Just don’t be that asshole parent that chastises them for it but not offer any real support for them not to do it next time.

They are down 3-1. They have been kicked down enough. Lift them up and cheer them on. Who knows, it might fuel them to another game, or maybe two. But I do know one thing, it will make it easier for them to try. A little support goes a long way, even for millionaire hockey players. Pump some tires, pat some backs and wave those towels. GO CANUCKS GO!

Wave them until you can't wave them anymore!

Wave them until you can’t wave them anymore!


“Line Dancing”at The Rog? Rd 1 Gm 2


Canucks played a pretty good Game 1 and lost it in the last minute due to very good screens by Bieksa and Sbisa, now known as SBieksa. Unfortunately for them, the screen was on Eddie Lack. Fast forward to Game 2 vs the Calgary Flames and the atmosphere at Rogers Arena was electric! It doesn’t hurt you have this guy leading #TowelPower

Kirk McLean, remembered for "The Save" in 1994 vs the Calgary Flames.

Kirk McLean, remembered for “The Save” in 1994 vs the Calgary Flames.


Just like the previous game, the Canucks had jump, this time, they added their execution. They win 4-1 with Daniel scoring first; Higgins breaks the net cam with his PPG and the Latvian Locomotive Ronnie Kenins scores his first ever NHL Playoff goal. Vrbata seals the deal with an empty netter late in the third.

Eddie Lack is probably the most social media interactive player in the NHL, but definitely on the Canucks. We’ve gotten to know his mom, Mia Lack and his dad, Willie. Either through the tweets of Mia Lack (@mammamialack) or Hockey Night in Canada panning over to Eddie’s dad, Will as often as they panned over to Ryan Miller’s mom earlier in the season. I guess the Canucks goalies have very likable parents. I’m starting to think the Lacks are the Swedish hockey celebrity family the NHL has been waiting for.

So there were a lot of things that happened in last night’s game. But the biggest thing everyone is talking about this morning is…

  • Matt Stajan throws down the gloves with Richardson and then all of sudden an MMA fighter was born. If B-Rad ever wanted to get a new career going, I’m sure Dana White is looking for a novelty fight on his card.
  • Best twitter reaction to the melee: IMG_0002
  • Best Teammate: Ryan Miller for chirping back at Michael Ferland as he is escorted to the Flames bench. Miller the often quiet guy wins points with the Canucks fan base with this: 
    Ryan Miller may have been sitting on the bench but he was into it.

    Ryan Miller may have been sitting on the bench but he was into it.

  • Best Contradition: Dan Hamhuis has now become Public Enemy #1 for the Calgary Flames and their fans. Yes, you read right, Dan Hamhuis. He’s probably even more mild-mannered than the Sedins, combined! But I guess owning Johnny Hockey all night long does that for you. Not to mention, manhandling both Gaudreau and Monahan simultaneously with one arm each.

Numbers Game

  • 7 home game losses streak in the playoffs since 2011 has been broken with this win. The Canucks could have set the new record with 8 in a row had they given up this one to the Flames.
  • 42 minutes is what was charged to Derek Engelland of the Flames in penalty minutes.
  • 9 hits from Edler (4) and Dorsett (5) combined. The Flames were out-muscled all over the ice tonight, mostly from these two. 
  • .957 Eddie Lack’s save percentage for this game. More often than not, that’s going to be a notch in the win column.
  • 24 goals has Daniel Sedin tying Cliff Ronning as third on the all-time club list for playoff goals.
  • 15, the number of wins left to get to Lord Stanley. The first one means everything.

The Aftermath

  • Kevin Bieksa was being interviewed about the happenings in the third and his best response to it all…“…I’m not sure what happened with the penalties but hopefully we’ll see Mason Raymond next game.”  Bieksa is one of those players I love and hate all at once and I am not the only one:

    Ms. Bayne, you hit the nail right on the head!

    Ms. Lindsay, you hit the nail right on the head!

  • The Canucks didn’t back down from the Flames when challenged. It was not always so. The push-back has been shown a few times this year, and that’s one character asset this team has over past teams. Everyone truly seems to want to play and stand-up for one another, and what a perfect time for it.
  • If there are suspensions given out, I see Engelland and Hamhuis being the guys gone for a game, but that’s up the NHL and no word yet.
  • @TheStanchion‘s tweet might push to get Russell in the suspension mix too. Side by side views of the Byfuglien cross-check with Russell’s from last night:

What a game! I was having such an intense and not so good day at work and we didn’t buy playoff tickets this year (yeah, I know, I know) but did this game ever make me forget. Off to Calgary now in what I know will be a very boisterous Saddledome. The Flames fans haven’t seen playoff hockey in 5 seasons. It should make for a great atmosphere! Glad to know there will be a good number of Canucks fan transplants in Calgary so wave those towels proud and Go Canucks go!


Funny Post-script: A guy name Ronalds Kenins scored an NHL playoff goal before guys named Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Couldn’t resist, Oilers miss their 9th straight post-season and some 24 year old rookie from Latvia sniped a beautiful pass from another rookie, Bo Horvat.

PPS: Luca Sbisa, for as much as the Canucks fans and media alike get on him, makes a great heads-up play to keep the puck in the attacking zone and passes it deep to Horvat.


Core Of the Matter: Now or Never?

It’s true, the Canucks version of the “Core Four” is aging. The Sedins, Kevin Bieksa and Alex Burrows are the elder statesman on the team. They aren’t those upstart young guys from Alain Vigneault’s Manitoba Moose or a couple of 1999 first round ‘wonder twin’ draft picks. They are the leaders on this team and this playoff berth shouldn’t be one they take for granted. For all they know, it could be their best and last chance at a Stanley Cup.

This could be their last real chance for a Cup. Is it time to play like playoff beasts?

This could be their last real chance for a Cup. Is it time to play like playoff beasts?










 This was the question on TSN 1040 Radio’s Midday show. Sekeres and Price thought it would be something to chime into, and as I was thinking about it driving, it could very well be it for Bieksa, Burrows and the Sedins.

Three are 34 and Bieksa is 33. 2011 was four years ago and all were in the prime of their careers. This time around, they are battling Father Time along with the critics and their opponents. So how could this actually be good for these four and guys like Vrbata, Higgins and Hamhuis, who aren’t spring chickens either.

Knowing they are all nearing the twilight of their careers, I could see these guys giving it their all, especially Henrik and Daniel. They are going to have to play their asses off and as a former teammate once told the press, “Compete like bastards!” and reach the one award that has eluded them.

Their first round opponents have a young upstart line in Monahan and Gaudreau, steadied by veteran, Jiri Hudler. Their ability to score is strong and they are fast. Their defence is mobile and are offensively minded. The Flames will give it all they have against the Canucks. Although Willie Desjardins will be rolling four lines, and the younger members of this team will have the opportunity to contribute, the Canucks “Core Four” are going to have to do this…

And this…

And definitely some of this…

It will harder this time around, but if they succeed, it will be so much more rewarding.


Nobody Likes Us, Who Cares: Ways to Survive the Post-Season

Over the last few years, the Canucks have become one of those team that other fans just love to hate. It used to bother me, but I’ve gotten used to it, and actually relish it. It’s not different coming into the 2015 NHL playoffs. All the media and fan experts have chosen the Calgary Flames to win this series. Let’s never mind the fact the Canucks have finished ahead of the Flames in the regular season standings. Let’s overlook the fact the Canucks haven’t played with a healthy top 6 blue-line for about a 1/3 of the season and managed to find ways to win. I could go on, but it’s a list of redundancy. Rodney Dangerfield, the Canucks are, and like in the past, we will use it to our advantage. Remember, #EmbraceTheHate ? Why not do it again.

Here are some ways to survive the playoffs as a Canucks fan:

  1. Believe: Whether the Canucks are the underdog, the favourite, the dark horse- part of your job as a fan is to believe. Don’t shake your belief even if they are getting their ass kicked in a game 5-1. That’s why they call it a series. You have to win four games to be declared a winner.
  2. Cup-less Argument: Despite not winning a Stanley Cup, the Vancouver Canucks are the Canadian team closest to winning one in the last 10 years. Sure the Oilers made the ’06 finals, but in all sincerity, they weren’t winning that Cup. Unfortunately for us Canucks fans, neither did the Canucks in 2011. However, they are the most recent, and therefore the most relevant. Just remind the Flames fans, sure they have one Cup victory but it’s not like any of those players from the 1989 champions will be lacing up the skates and bringing them to victory. New teams, new outlooks, different expectations. And one more thing, good on us for sticking to a team that has yet to win a cup.We’re not jumping on bandwagons of cup winners because that’s the cool thing to do. Loyalty is a good thing.
  3. Riot Jokes: Anyone who brings up the riots of 2011, usually don’t have much wit to match and will recycle an old joke until they are blue in the face. Whether you’re on twitter, Facebook or just talking amongst friends, the riots jokes are lame. If that’s the case, almost every college campus during the football Bowl games, Montreal etc have to be included in those jokes. But really? They are over, the perpetrators are being dealt with or have been sentenced. The true colours of Vancouverites came out the next morning when volunteers cleaned up the city, boarded up the windows and made the city whole again in the aftermath.
  4. Sedin “Sisters”: If I were Daniel and Henrik, I’d just score a ton of goals to shut them up. However, if you’re immature enough to demean the more feminine gender, I don’t know if I really want you in my circle. “They skate like girls.”I’m sure they still skate faster than you. The grotesque innuendos of incest; soft feminine qualities are again arguments for the dim-witted. Why bother getting in arguments with such childish and tactless ‘banter’.  Just say words like “Art Ross” “Hart” “Ted Lindsay” and they will understand. Those are awards Daniel and Henrik have won. But for the most part, Sedinery speaks for itself.
  5. Love Thy City: When the arguments of the cities involved comes up and you’re getting Calgary monkey dung thrown your way (literally- they have a zoo with monkeys, and figuratively), just flash a picture of Vancouver and remind them that the brown perma-frost like substance they call grass, is about as good as it gets in their parts.
    Any angle of Vancouver is better than any angle of Calgary and it's year-round look of brown permafrost they call 'grass'.

    Any angle of Vancouver is better than any angle of Calgary and it’s year-round look of brown permafrost they call ‘grass’.







 It’s never easy being a Canucks fan, and it’s even harder during the playoffs when the rest of Canada could cheer you on, they choose not to. That’s ok. As we have hash-tagged over the last few years… #EmbraceTheHate because that’s all we can do. Embrace it and feed off it. That’s how to survive the post-season as a Canucks fans.

Take it a step further and like Radim Vrbata:











Canucks vs Flames: A Rivalry Renewed

Playoffs build rivalries, and the one rivalry that has always been one of my favourites were the Vancouver Canucks vs. the Calgary Flames. Right now, things are heating up between Flames and Canucks fans and some of it isn’t pretty. The Canucks missed the playoffs last year, and many called it an off year, but at the beginning of the season, many sports experts in the media didn’t see the Canucks coming back to the dance. In fact, although they are the higher seed in this match-up, there are many calling them the underdogs. Call the Canucks what you want, but I think I will be calling them winners at end of round one.

Sure they have the explosive speed of John Gaudreau and youthful enthusiasm of Sean Monahan with is crazy bad anime superstar hair.

Sean "Yu-Gi-Oh" Monahan.

Sean “Yu-Gi-Oh” Monahan.


I understand the Flames were beating teams they weren’t supposed to be beating, but so did the Canucks. Yet, no one ever gives these guys any credit. What happened to their victories more than moral over the LA Kings? The battle they have given the Ducks and all except for one game, owning the San Jose Sharks? The big three of the Pacific Division, or so it was deemed at the beginning of the season. It’s safe to even say, the Canucks were the ones that put the dagger in the hopes of playoffs for both the Sharks and Kings. Games both teams needed to win going through Rogers Arena, but didn’t.

When the Kings met the Flames in their game of eventual playoff demise, the Vancouver Canucks already were half way done ripping out their hearts in their last regular season meeting a few days prior. So much so, the Kings barely squeaked by Edmonton. Before anyone gives the Flames all the edge of winning this series, don’t forget who put the first nail in the coffin, all the Flames had to do was close it.

It will be a hard series, most 1st round series usually are, but I am still picking the Canucks to win in 6. Here’s why:

  • Experience:  Obviously the older team might be slower of foot, but experience does count for something. Canucks have been in the playoffs 6 of the last 7 years. Last year’s miss was the definition of a team in turmoil. The turmoil has been cleared and the team has been re-set.  Bieksa, Edler, Daniel, Henrik, Hamhuis Hansen, Burrows and Higgins are all from the 2011 Cup run. Richardson has a Stanley Cup and played an integral part of the 1st LA Kings win. Dorsett was in the Cup final last year with the NY Rangers. Although, I don’t believe Miller will be starting the playoffs, he also holds about 50 games or so of playoff experience including the Gold Medal game in the 2010 Olympics.
  • Goaltending: As good as a Ramo and Hiller have been for the Flames, Lack and Miller are quite the duo as well. With Eddie Lack really getting his game down since February and carrying the burden of the starter since Miller’s injury, it seems that Lack has been playing playoff hockey the whole month of March has been not only the media and fan darling, but many other experts have credited Lack as an integral reason the Canucks are winning.
    Eddie Lack welcoming back Ryan Miller after injury and congratulating him on a win in OT over the Oilers.

    Eddie Lack welcoming back Ryan Miller after injury and congratulating him on a win in OT over the Oilers.

  • Four Lines:  As I stated in the “O Canada…” blog, the Canucks have been rolling four lines all year, and have been successful passing around the offense. That could play a big part and which is why Ken Hitchcock does not like his Blues matching with the Canucks. There are truly four lines that can play.

However, here’s what could spell disaster for the Canucks if they don’t find ways to avoid them:

  • Giving up 1st Goal: The Canucks have been notorious this year giving up the first goal of the hockey game. Although as their record indicates their comebacks from their deficits, it’s not a habit you want to keep in the post-season.
  • Face-offs: Time to start winning these like they know how. Henrik has been notoriously bad with this season. Winning face-offs helps dictate the game and the Canucks will be finding themselves countering more often than dictating if they don’t get this part of their game down.
  • Odd Man Rush: Canucks cannot afford to give up odd-man rushes to a team like the Flames. A team with scorers. Eddie and Miller may be good, but they can’t beat them all.

I’ve put on my “hate hat” for the Calgary Flames. Yes, I have to hate the Flames, they are now the enemy.  By that I mean, I can still appreciate what they bring to the table, but I am still sticking to my guns (and my bias) in choosing the Canucks in 6. I think they believe in themselves, so I have belief in them too.

Drop the puck, I’m ready to wave my playoff towel!