Coming Live To A Computer Near You: Canucks Launch Live Streaming

Can’t get to a TV for the Canucks game? If you have a computer handy, you’re in BC and the game is on Sportsnet, you’ll be able to watch the new live stream at

After a couple of recent test runs the Canucks will be airing all remaining Rogers Sportsnet broadcast for free on, with no registration required. The only requirements are a computer and bandwidth to handle the streaming video, and an IP address located in British Columbia.

Live Streamed Canucks Games

“Streaming live games on has been a priority for our organization. We have successfully worked through the many logistics and are fortunate to have a great partner in Rogers Sportsnet.”, said Victor De Bonis, CEO of Canucks Sports & Entertainment. “As an organization we are committed to investing in digital media and we will continue to explore the different ways we can engage our loyal fans.”

The technology makes use of the NHL Game Center interface and from the sample I’ve seen, it  provides excellent picture quality. There are also live stats available in the form of widgets. There is an additional plug-in to install if you want the advanced features such as rewind etc.

The folks at Canucks have been working hard on this project for a couple of years now, and are one of the first, if not the first team in the league to offer live streaming of their games.

Check it out for the next Rogers Sportsnet Canucks telecast!