RT and add your best wishes for Manny Malhotra!

The Vancouver Canucks announced today that Manny Malhotra will not return this season, or for the playoffs after suffering a severe eye injury.

While this loss is no doubt a big one for the Canucks and their fans, there is no one affected more than Manny himself. We thought it would be a nice gesture for fans to leave a comment here giving thanks to Manny for his efforts this year and to offer words of encouragement and hope for a full and speedy recovery.

So, this post is nothing more than that, a get well card for Manny. Please spread the word and leave your thoughts and wishes!

Hopefully we get a ton of comments here, and I’ll print them off and forward them to the Canucks and in return Manny.

Manny Malhotra - Photo Credit: Doug Pensinger - Getty Images