Just For Fun: Canucks ‘Stache Game

Lately, a good number of fans in Canuckland are not very happy residents. With the loss of some popular players and other teams in Vancouver’s division getting better on paper, there is malcontent amongst the fans. So here at Canucks Corner, we thought we’d rather keep it light and talk about some great mustaches in Canucks’ history.  So let’s have a little fun, forget the angst felt towards Canucks management and appreciate some good ‘stache game.

Jamie Huscroft: Huscroft was on the “dark days” Canucks of the late 90s and early 2000’s. Two things stood out on his face, his blue eyes and his upper lip caterpillar.


Jack McIlhargey: Known to many modern day Canucks fans as an assistant coach to Marc Crawford, Jack Mac was known for being a hard nosed guy on the ice, a rocking mullet and that ‘stache. To this day, he still rocks the Mo’ with his silver locks.

Jack Mac had one great head of hair and a burly stache to go with it.


Harold Snepsts: No helmet, no problem! Snepstsy has the all powerfull “cop ‘stache” to save him on the ice. When you see Harold these days, he’s clean-shaven, but he will always be remembered looking like this.

Dave Babych: Probably my favourite guy to wear 44 on the Canucks and a rocking mo during his time with Vancouver. Although Babs was a main guy in the 80s and 90s for the Canucks, his moustache is a tribute to the 1970’s style of some male porn stars. These days, Dave wears a goatee.


John Garrett: The stunt double ‘stache of Cheech Marin, Garrett still rocks one today, and sometimes gets ketchup on it during broadcasts, as we have all been told by Cheech himself.



Honorable mention Roberto Luongo: He doesn’t always wear a moustache, but it seems that a guy like Roberto Luongo would probably have his 5 o’clock shadow show up at noon. Below is a “soul ‘stache” gif of our former goaltender.

Luongo looks like Alternate-Universe Luongo with his 'stache/soul-patch combo.

Now wasn’t that better than bitching about “Lindening”?



Canucks Ring of Honour: Who is worthy of “The Ring”

As we all know, the Vancouver Canucks are celebrating their 40th anniversary season in 2010-2011. As part of the celebrations, the club has introduced the Ring of Honour . Four times this season, the Canucks will induct a player from their 40 years of NHL hockey that have made lasting impressions on the team’s fans and the organization.

The first inductee, Orland Kurtenbach, will be inducted this Tuesday, October 26th. Kurtenbach was of course the team’s first captain and played four seasons with the Canucks, before coaching them for two. He is a resident of the lower mainland and an active member of the Vancouver Canucks Alumni.

That leaves three other inductees yet to be named by the team. Who should be the other three?

For me personally, there has to be certain criteria met.

  • You put in several years of service to the team.
  • You represented the team and the city with class.
  • You have contributed to the organization or the city outside of the game.

If it was up to me, I would have no problem including the following three players to round out the four inductions for this season. You may agree or you may have your own list based on your own criteria. Feel free to comment and post your choices below!

Kirk McLean – Goaltender

Kirk McLeanCaptain Kirk McLean played 11 seasons for the Canucks and was one of the main reasons the Canucks went to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1994. “The save” in overtime of game seven against Calgary is still the single biggest save in Canucks history. His 52 save performance in Game 1 of the finals that same year, is still one of the greatest games a goaltender has ever played, period. McLean was one of the last “stand up” goaltenders and his tall frame frustrated many a shooter. His ability to keep cool no matter how much pressure he faced was another asset he possessed.

McLean’s name is prominent amongst the club’s all-time goaltending records:

  • 1st in games played: 516
  • 1st in wins: 211
  • 2nd all-time in shutouts (20)
  • 1st in playoff games played: 68
  • 1st in playoff shutouts: 6
  • 1st in playoff wins: 34
  • 3rd in playoff goals against average: 2.84
  • 2nd in playoff save percentage: .907

McLean has made Vancouver his home and is a business owner in the community and also makes appearances on behalf of the club’s alumni. He’s one of Vancouver’s most recognizable sports figures of all-time.

Freelance hockey writer Joe Pelletier who runs GreatestHockeyLegends.com did this nice feature on McLean.

Harold Snepsts  – Defence

Harold SnepstsAffectionately known as “Haaaaaaarooold” by the Canucks faithful, Harold Snepsts patrolled the blueline for the Canucks for 12 seasons. He wasn’t flashy, and didn’t rack up a lot of points but he was steady and played with a mean streak. He was a two time all-star and was a member of the 1982 team that went to the Stanley Cup Finals.

With his trademark moustache, aggressive play and pleasant demeanour off the ice, Snepsts quickly became a fan favourite deserves to be recognized on the Ring of Honour.

Snepsts has come full circle in his career with the Canucks and is now employed as an amateur scout by the team and  is still to this day one of the most popular Canucks of all-time.

Thomas Gradin

Thomas GradinThomas Gradin  was the Canucks first legitimate star, scoring twenty or more goals seven different times for Vancouver. During the Canucks 1982 playoff run Gradin posted nineteen points. Gradin had his greatest success when teamed with linemates Stan Smyl and Curt Fraser, and the smooth skating swede excited fans with his masterful stick handling and smooth passes. There were many that felt that Gradin never reached his full potential with the club, likely due to the sub-par teams he played with throughout his career when he was basically the offence of the club.

Gradin spent eight seasons as a Canuck and ended his career with the Boston Bruins. Today, Gradin is a key member of the club’s scouting staff with the official title of Associate Head Scout.

So, those are the three players that I would choose and there are many others deserving of the recognition.

Leave us your choices or comments!