Canucks vs Flames: A Rivalry Renewed

Playoffs build rivalries, and the one rivalry that has always been one of my favourites were the Vancouver Canucks vs. the Calgary Flames. Right now, things are heating up between Flames and Canucks fans and some of it isn’t pretty. The Canucks missed the playoffs last year, and many called it an off year, but at the beginning of the season, many sports experts in the media didn’t see the Canucks coming back to the dance. In fact, although they are the higher seed in this match-up, there are many calling them the underdogs. Call the Canucks what you want, but I think I will be calling them winners at end of round one.

Sure they have the explosive speed of John Gaudreau and youthful enthusiasm of Sean Monahan with is crazy bad anime superstar hair.

Sean "Yu-Gi-Oh" Monahan.

Sean “Yu-Gi-Oh” Monahan.


I understand the Flames were beating teams they weren’t supposed to be beating, but so did the Canucks. Yet, no one ever gives these guys any credit. What happened to their victories more than moral over the LA Kings? The battle they have given the Ducks and all except for one game, owning the San Jose Sharks? The big three of the Pacific Division, or so it was deemed at the beginning of the season. It’s safe to even say, the Canucks were the ones that put the dagger in the hopes of playoffs for both the Sharks and Kings. Games both teams needed to win going through Rogers Arena, but didn’t.

When the Kings met the Flames in their game of eventual playoff demise, the Vancouver Canucks already were half way done ripping out their hearts in their last regular season meeting a few days prior. So much so, the Kings barely squeaked by Edmonton. Before anyone gives the Flames all the edge of winning this series, don’t forget who put the first nail in the coffin, all the Flames had to do was close it.

It will be a hard series, most 1st round series usually are, but I am still picking the Canucks to win in 6. Here’s why:

  • Experience:  Obviously the older team might be slower of foot, but experience does count for something. Canucks have been in the playoffs 6 of the last 7 years. Last year’s miss was the definition of a team in turmoil. The turmoil has been cleared and the team has been re-set.  Bieksa, Edler, Daniel, Henrik, Hamhuis Hansen, Burrows and Higgins are all from the 2011 Cup run. Richardson has a Stanley Cup and played an integral part of the 1st LA Kings win. Dorsett was in the Cup final last year with the NY Rangers. Although, I don’t believe Miller will be starting the playoffs, he also holds about 50 games or so of playoff experience including the Gold Medal game in the 2010 Olympics.
  • Goaltending: As good as a Ramo and Hiller have been for the Flames, Lack and Miller are quite the duo as well. With Eddie Lack really getting his game down since February and carrying the burden of the starter since Miller’s injury, it seems that Lack has been playing playoff hockey the whole month of March has been not only the media and fan darling, but many other experts have credited Lack as an integral reason the Canucks are winning.
    Eddie Lack welcoming back Ryan Miller after injury and congratulating him on a win in OT over the Oilers.

    Eddie Lack welcoming back Ryan Miller after injury and congratulating him on a win in OT over the Oilers.

  • Four Lines:  As I stated in the “O Canada…” blog, the Canucks have been rolling four lines all year, and have been successful passing around the offense. That could play a big part and which is why Ken Hitchcock does not like his Blues matching with the Canucks. There are truly four lines that can play.

However, here’s what could spell disaster for the Canucks if they don’t find ways to avoid them:

  • Giving up 1st Goal: The Canucks have been notorious this year giving up the first goal of the hockey game. Although as their record indicates their comebacks from their deficits, it’s not a habit you want to keep in the post-season.
  • Face-offs: Time to start winning these like they know how. Henrik has been notoriously bad with this season. Winning face-offs helps dictate the game and the Canucks will be finding themselves countering more often than dictating if they don’t get this part of their game down.
  • Odd Man Rush: Canucks cannot afford to give up odd-man rushes to a team like the Flames. A team with scorers. Eddie and Miller may be good, but they can’t beat them all.

I’ve put on my “hate hat” for the Calgary Flames. Yes, I have to hate the Flames, they are now the enemy.  By that I mean, I can still appreciate what they bring to the table, but I am still sticking to my guns (and my bias) in choosing the Canucks in 6. I think they believe in themselves, so I have belief in them too.

Drop the puck, I’m ready to wave my playoff towel!




Luongo Out! The Season is a wash! (Humour me)

Oh my God! What are we Canucks fans to do? We went from contending for the Northwest division to contesting for the rights in the lottery for Jonathan Tavares with a tweak of Roberto Luongo’s groin! Panic button I say! Panic button! The Vancouver Canucks should forfeit their season and get those extra lottery draws! There is nothing the Canucks can do to turn their season around!

…Ok, so I am playing around, but that’s what I am reading on fan forum boards all over the Northwest Division, particularly those fan forums of the Calgary Flames. I guess the Vancouver Canucks start and end with Bingo Bango Bongo, Captain Roberto Luongo. As a team they don’t have much to offer or do we? What do we do fans?


We wait till our Captain comes back and hope that our team of mediocrity can pick up a win here and there without him. That’s what we do.

Yes, it’s true, the Canucks are a better with Roberto Luongo between the pipes. There is absolutely no questioning that. I believe the word I am looking for is FACT! So why the panic? Are the Canucks that empty without Roberto? Let’s look at what the Canucks have with Roberto Luongo in the press box.

Replacing the irreplaceable, Curtis Sanford has the undaunted task of filling some pretty big blockers and goalie pads.  Sanford, is one of he better back-up goalies out there, he just had to sit on the bench a lot more because of the workhorse the Canucks have in Luongo.  He’s (Sanford) very steady, and should be alright to call upon as Bobby Lu rests his groin. Sanford is ready and will probably see more action in these next two weeks than he has seen all of last season.  Cory Schneider, Canucks #1 draft pick and goalie prospect will play back up to Sanford during the injury time. I believe we will see Schneider play at least once during this time due to a back to back in the early part of December.  This is Schneider’s time to shine and possibly steal the show. That alone is pretty exciting stuff.

Regardless of whether Sanford or Schneider being between the pipes, this is the time for the Canucks to test their character and mettle as a unit.  Can the defensive core pick up the slack and be more mindful to clear the puck and keep the puck out of the goaltenders’ way? Or will the buckle under the pressure. With their play as of late, I’d say the Canucks will answer the call. Added pressure is put on Salo, Ohlund and Mitchell to lead the way with Bieksa still out with a foot injury.  Can these three elevate their games and make sure the rest of their colleagues on the blue line follow suit? Recent play says yes, but we’ll have to wait and see.
Will the forwards on the Canucks take the pressure off Sanford and Schneider and put in some goals to help the team cause?  Sure why not?  Will Pavol Demitra continue to shine accumulating points from every game? Will Daniel continue to contribute to the score sheet now that he has that monkey off his back? Will Raymond find his swift feet leading him to a few goals here and there? Again with the recent indicating, yes, this is all possible.

The ONE question that dwells in my mind is…will AV go back to a more defensive minded strategy until the return of Lu? I believe he will tighten up the openness of the team’s game just to make sure they keep shots on goal to more of a minimum.  So yes, be prepared to watch a little more of what we saw last year from the Canucks, defensive styled hockey. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but at the moment, a necessity.

So will the Canucks falter and throw away their lead in the Northwest division, their team chemistry will be thrown out of whack while they lose their captain to a groin injury for two weeks? No, I don’t they will just completely stink up the joint so much they will be challenging the Islanders and company for the services of Jonathan Tavares, but it won’t be as ‘easy’ without the #1 guy backstopping them.

Only time will tell, but it’s not time to hit panic button yet? Is it?

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