Roberto Luongo: Backstopping Negotiations with a Deadline

Roberto Luongo

So as he so often does, Roberto Luongo is backstopping once again. This time it is contract talks. The negotiation of Luongo’s extension has been given a deadline, September 13th.

“We’re trying to get it done before camp,” Luongo said Wednesday. “If it doesn’t happen before camp, I will not be negotiating during the season.  I don’t want to have that distraction.”, as he was quoted telling the Vancouver Sun just a couple of days ago.

My sentiment on all this, Luongo is the key to any major success the Canucks are going to have this coming season. Roberto Luongo and the signing of the Sedins are key components to moving the club forward.  I am sure many Canucks fans agree with me. It is imperative for GM Mike Gillis to sign the Canucks’ Captain to an extension.

So far, the rumoured deal is for six years at $6.75 million per annum. That’s a pretty ideal hit for, in my opinion, presently the best goalie in the league.   So what is the hold up? I am sure there are details that are not brought forth in terms of the negotiation, but I am sure they will be ironed out.

I often thought throughout most of last season that Luongo would probably wait out to see what happened between Canucks management and the Sedins. Also who would be replacing Ohlund on the blue line? I am sure he was looking to see if the Canucks were committed to winning as Roberto has often publicly stated.

I feel that this will get done; it is just a question of timing.  I would not be surprised if there is an announcement in the coming week. Until then, I will just speculate like the rest of the hockey world.

Musings from the mud,

Justine “Lotusblossom” Galo