Personally, it’s Personal


It’s a big story in Canuck land that Rick Rypien has taken an indefinite leave of absence from the Canucks due to personal issues. Unfortunately for some out there, the lack of explanation as to why Rick Rypien has left is not enough. There are some out there that feel that the Canucks forward and the Canucks organization need to specify the reason for his leave. To the some out there, I personally feel,  Rypien or nor the Canucks need to explain anything to any of us.

There has been speculation of his mental wellness. There has been speculation of possible substance abuse or alcoholism. What is it really to us? Unless we’re willing to personally help Rypien through his personal reason, why are we so curious?

Ripper and Juice

I was going through some hockey boards and this issue came up and some of the posters on a few of these boards were completely disrespectful with the accusations and their judgments on Rypien. Some of the comments were down-right mean and classless. To some of the posters on the Rypien thread on Calgary Flames fan board and another Canucks fan board, you people ought to be ashamed of yourselves. I will leave it at that.

We are all human, we all make mistakes, we all do wrong things and we all have to learn from our experiences. I know personally, I have done the aforementioned, and try live my life to better myself from my mistakes. Rick Rypien is no different from you or I. He just happens to have a job that is under a microscope in this city, and in our nation.

 We all deserve privacy in matters that are happening our lives whether they are small or big. Generally, we don’t want everyone ‘getting up in our grill’ and making judgments of situations in our lives to which they are ignorant. Rick Rypien deserves that same respect. Not because he is a hockey player, not because he is a public figure but because he is a human being, like us.

Personally, this whole thing is a personal matter, and it should be treated as so. Let’s back off and stop pressing, assuming, speculating, accusing, and pointing fingers at Rick. Instead, let’s support him as good fans and more so as fellow humans. We’ll see you when you get back, Rick, but until then, keep fighting the good fight and good luck.

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Coming Live To A Computer Near You: Canucks Launch Live Streaming

Can’t get to a TV for the Canucks game? If you have a computer handy, you’re in BC and the game is on Sportsnet, you’ll be able to watch the new live stream at

After a couple of recent test runs the Canucks will be airing all remaining Rogers Sportsnet broadcast for free on, with no registration required. The only requirements are a computer and bandwidth to handle the streaming video, and an IP address located in British Columbia.

Live Streamed Canucks Games

“Streaming live games on has been a priority for our organization. We have successfully worked through the many logistics and are fortunate to have a great partner in Rogers Sportsnet.”, said Victor De Bonis, CEO of Canucks Sports & Entertainment. “As an organization we are committed to investing in digital media and we will continue to explore the different ways we can engage our loyal fans.”

The technology makes use of the NHL Game Center interface and from the sample I’ve seen, it  provides excellent picture quality. There are also live stats available in the form of widgets. There is an additional plug-in to install if you want the advanced features such as rewind etc.

The folks at Canucks have been working hard on this project for a couple of years now, and are one of the first, if not the first team in the league to offer live streaming of their games.

Check it out for the next Rogers Sportsnet Canucks telecast!


Welcome to the new Canucks Corner!

Hi everyone, and welcome to what is still a work in progress. Canucks Corner is starting it’s 12th season on the internet, and we’re taking things in a new direction.

Several years ago now, Tom Benjamin approached me with the idea of adding a blog to Canucks Corner. I didn’t even know what a blog was. Today, Tom’s blog is one of the most popular and respected on the internet. He apparently saw the future, because today blogs are everywhere.

This year we’re joining the fun. In the years I have run this site, I have had the pleasure of reading and hosting great insight from all sorts of Canucks fans. Not the mainstream media stuff, but passionate and informative perspectives from the fans. The idea with this new direction for the site is to have a group of these outstanding contributors as authors of this blog, and to create a Canucks “Fanzine” of sorts for Canucks fans, by Canucks fans.

Another exciting development for this season is that was asked to participate in the new Fanzone section at Part of their vision is to unite the best fan contributors on the web, and form a “fan branch” of the media so to speak. This blog will aid in that effort and eventually we hope to be providing some cool features as the Fanzone grows and develops over the next little while.

George Fawcett’s outstanding Canucks History database is still here and is new and improved. Tom’s Blog is of course still going strong.

I think/hope that you are going to like the new format. I am excited about it and it could be a really good year for the site.

For now, please bear with us as we get the rest of the site up to speed with our new format.