10 Things: I Hate About You, Canucks fans

Sitting pretty and quietly at The Rog

Sitting pretty and quietly at The Rog


As I visit the twitter verse, Facebook pages, fan sites and just a simple conversation with a good number of Canucks fans, I at times want to ram my head through a wall. Why? To simplify it for some, no matter what happens with the team, some of them are just not satisfied…with anything.

I decided to put together a short list about what I hate about Canucks fans, from a Canucks fan.

1. Over-analyzing trades: There isn’t a fan base in the whole league who would break apart a trade and find as many ways as to why it was such a terrible trade for the Vancouver Canucks. It’s been nearly two years, and the Cody Hodgson/Zack Kassian trade is ripped apart on a daily, no make that hourly basis here in Vancouver. Hell, some are still talking about the Cam Neely trade from the 1980’s! Give it up already! Deal with it, and carry on. For my two cents on the Hodgson/Kassian trade. The immediacy of a competent 3rd line centre is making this trade look more like a ‘mistake’. The Canucks don’t really *need* a power forward type of player currently. It will also take Kassian to develop to see if he will make the grade. Don’t believe me? Two words: Todd Bertuzzi.
2. Blame Luongo: No matter if this man has a good game or a great game, there are many out there that would rather rip into him rather than give him any credit. He is the first to get blamed, and the last to get praise. When the Canucks lose 4-1 to any team, immediately, some fans cry, “Luongo let in four goals!” It is hardly ever, “Wow, the team only has one goal to support an effort by Bobby Lu.” I know he has to be the money guy, and at times he has been, but when there is no goal scoring, a goalie can only keep out so many on his own. Remember that “own goal”, Vancouver so graciously gave Montreal? There was a tweeter that RT’ed someone bringing up that Luongo should have had his skate right at the post so that would not have gone in. Well, smarty pants, Luongo wasn’t exactly expecting an error of communication in front of him between two defensemen that he should be guarding his post oh so dearly. If that was Schneider or even Lack in net, no one would blame them whatsoever. So, has Schneider got his first win yet on a winless NJ team? I’m sure Jersey fans are blaming their guys between the pipes for that too.
3. National Lampoon’s Anthem: I’m not sure what is wrong with some that come to the arena and hoot and holler all throughout the anthem(s), but it seems to happen way too often. How about we show the singer, the countries and yourselves a little respect and either just sing, or just shut the f*** up, please! There is no worse arena in the league that does that. Have some national pride.
4. Bronx Cheering Inappropriately: You realize how this all started right? It was the Yankees fans razzing the opposing team’s pitchers that just gave up a crap ton of runs to their team. Translate that into hockey and it’s when your team has a good lead, and the opposing team’s goalie lets in so many goals, he is either pulled or continues the frustration on the blue ice. So when Carey Price has a 1-1 tie, you can’t start rousing the “CAARRRRRREEEEEEEEE” chant. Tactless, unacceptable, and just down right makes not only you, but the rest of us look stupid.
5. Diminishing The “W”:Winning pretty or winning ugly have a common denominator, can you guess? I will give you a hint, it starts with a Wih– and ends with a “ning”. Now, I’m not sure, but I believe the objective of the game is to score more goals than the opponent. Whether is 12-1 or 2-1, both types of game equate to the same thing at the end of 60 minutes or 60 to 65 minutes or through to the shoot out, two points. Now, although I would love to see the Canucks win with pretty goals, keeping their opponents on their heels, an ugly win still counts. If the team is struggling but still winning, it does make it easier for them to get a groove and feel less pressure to live up to the expectations. Take the two points, know it can get better, but two points now is just as important as two points in March.
6. The Game Starts at…:So get your asses in your seats and get ready for game time! So many times, I am in my seat, and I see between 1/4 to 1/3 of Rogers Arena and it takes well into the first period before the seats looks more full than not. Is it the beer lines? Is it the entrance door staff? Whatever it is, when the puck is dropped, a good number of the Rogers Arena Contingent can’t seem to be on time for the start of the game.
7. “The Sellout” Crowd: Yes, technically if all tickets are sold, but not all seats are filled, it’s a sellout. And I don’t really blame the Canucks for this one. You can have people buy the tickets, but you can’t head to their houses and places of employment or hire a F/T person to individually call the season ticket holders who leave their seats empty for games they aren’t attending to show up come game time. If you have tickets, but cannot attend the game, instead of wasting them and not having success re-selling them, how about donating them to a local charity? I’m sure a worker, or a prize winner would love to have that as a bonus.
8. Gossip Girls/Guys: Whether a rumour be true or not, I find it extremely laughable how much some out in Canuckland, eat the gossip cookies like it was their last meal. People get fed a rumour about the team, and next thing you know, a player was traded as a result of that rumour. Who really knows but those with the inside track. If someone brings up points to oppose the popular beliefs, they are tagged as “ignorant” or aren’t “in the know” of the inner dealings, feelings and wheelings of the Vancouver Canucks. Ask yourself, unless you were a fly in that jock strap, are you an insider?
9. Rogers Library errr Arena: I am not quite sure what has happened over the last few years, but the once electric atmosphere of Rogers Arena/GM Place, is more these days seemingly a part of the Vancouver Public Library branches. You don’t have to have permission or repeatedly be told to “MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” by DJ Dave. Make some on your own accord. Have some fun, cheer on the boys when they are down, make those around see how much you enjoy the game and your team. Having to be prompted to cheer on your team is right up there with Inappropriate Bronx Cheering. The only time that place gets loud is when there is a big round of boo’s or when a Canucks goal is scored.
10. “Gotta Catch the Skytrain Before The Rush”: Really? You’re going to get out of the seat that you paid a good amount of $$$ for because you want to be the first to get on the Skytrain home? I don’t care if the Canucks look like paint gun victims and the goal light is permanently red at the Canucks end, I don’t *get it*. . It could be an amazing victory by the home team, but between 3-7 minutes to go in the third period, a mass exodus of Canucks “fans”, make their way for the exits and are homeward bound. Why can’t you just sit another few minutes and finish the game? It’s only a few more minutes? If you’re not standing in a line up to get out of the arena, you’re standing at the Skytrain to get a fare ticket for your ride home or elbowing your way to a cab. I have been to 27 arenas in the NHL, and the Canucks fans are by far the worst at leaving the arena early and so many other fan bases comment on it after seeing it on TV and shake their heads like you caused them to have Parkinson’s disease. So do yourselves and your fellow Canucks fans a favour, sit the f*** down and finish the game. It’s embarrassing.

First blog of the year and I have made sure I endeared myself to the general fan base. Virtual high-fives all around!

Justine Galo


Personally, it’s Personal


It’s a big story in Canuck land that Rick Rypien has taken an indefinite leave of absence from the Canucks due to personal issues. Unfortunately for some out there, the lack of explanation as to why Rick Rypien has left is not enough. There are some out there that feel that the Canucks forward and the Canucks organization need to specify the reason for his leave. To the some out there, I personally feel,  Rypien or nor the Canucks need to explain anything to any of us.

There has been speculation of his mental wellness. There has been speculation of possible substance abuse or alcoholism. What is it really to us? Unless we’re willing to personally help Rypien through his personal reason, why are we so curious?

Ripper and Juice

I was going through some hockey boards and this issue came up and some of the posters on a few of these boards were completely disrespectful with the accusations and their judgments on Rypien. Some of the comments were down-right mean and classless. To some of the posters on the Rypien thread on Calgary Flames fan board and another Canucks fan board, you people ought to be ashamed of yourselves. I will leave it at that.

We are all human, we all make mistakes, we all do wrong things and we all have to learn from our experiences. I know personally, I have done the aforementioned, and try live my life to better myself from my mistakes. Rick Rypien is no different from you or I. He just happens to have a job that is under a microscope in this city, and in our nation.

 We all deserve privacy in matters that are happening our lives whether they are small or big. Generally, we don’t want everyone ‘getting up in our grill’ and making judgments of situations in our lives to which they are ignorant. Rick Rypien deserves that same respect. Not because he is a hockey player, not because he is a public figure but because he is a human being, like us.

Personally, this whole thing is a personal matter, and it should be treated as so. Let’s back off and stop pressing, assuming, speculating, accusing, and pointing fingers at Rick. Instead, let’s support him as good fans and more so as fellow humans. We’ll see you when you get back, Rick, but until then, keep fighting the good fight and good luck.

Justine Galo [tweetmeme]

Excuse me Mr. Tencer, who’s whining here?

My friend Richard Loat over at Canucks Hockey Blog tweeted about a blog written by Dan Tencer, an apparently bitter member of the Edmonton media (630 CHED) who I guess is sick of covering the sad sack Oilers. Tencer felt he needed to rip the Canucks and their fans after the Canucks defeated the Oilers 3-2 in overtime the other night.

Maybe it was the fact that when the Canucks scored it was as loud as an Oiler goal. Maybe it was the fact that this “young” media member is just too inexperienced to realize his team just plain sucks.

Here’s a gem from Tencer:

“So, if you want to ignore the Glory Years of the Oilers, Habs and Leafs, OK. If you want to ignore the Flames’ success in the 80’s, OK. The Canucks have just NEVER…NEVER…had anything that should lead to a franchise and fan base that has become as seemingly self-entitled as Vancouver.”

“After last night’s game, in which the Canucks were the benefactors of some calls that were at best marginal and at worst brutal, my frustration took over. Frustration that for the week leading up to the game, the Canucks and their fans were up in arms over a so-called screw job in a game against Nashville. Apparently the whining and complaining worked, as the 2 young officials gave them back the points they felt were robbed from them last week.”

This “journalist”, judging by his baby face, is far to young to remember the glory years of the Leafs whose drought is longer than the Canucks have been in the league. And if not for a once in a lifetime glutton of talent the Oilers were blessed with during their runs and a guy named Gretzky, Edmonton fans would be in the same boat as Canucks fans.

There’s nothing I love more as a Canucks fan, than debating these fans of the Oilers, Flames or Leafs when they intelligently ask you “How many cups do you have?” As if that means we shouldn’t cheer or support our teams because they haven’t won a Stanley Cup. News flash Mr. Tencer, it’s 2010 not the 80’s…and today your team sucks. Don’t get upset when Canucks fans are excited about their team. Don’t blame us your team hasn’t won a game in 16. Don’t blame us your building was full of Canucks fans. Suck it up and deal with it.

Tencer contends that the Canucks were the beneficiaries of whining that they did after the Nashville/Burrows fisaco. I guess he agrees with the phantom interference penalty that was assessed to Burrows in that game. But of course he doesn’t mention the tirade that Pat Quinn went on after the Canucks win, or the tirades that are becoming standard fare after each Oiler loss. That’s not whining at all! Too bad those nasty officials didn’t make it up to them in their next game, like they did for us. Please…

Tencer breaks two cardinal rules in being a sports fand/media member. He takes his dislike for an organization and paints them and their fans with one brush. He also allows his emotions as a member of the media to get the better of him. I wonder if he knows of any cocky or arrogant Oiler fans that were around in the 80’s? Of course he doesn’t, he was probably in a diaper.

I’m not sure if it’s his age, or his inexperience, but read his blog for yourself, you be the judge of who’s doing the whining here. It’s too bad this “media” member can’t stop himself from reacting like a whining fan. I’m sure he’ll have a long career in Edmonton.


So, You Think This Is A Bad Team?

justineToday’s newly acquired Canucks fans, meaning those who became Canucks fans after the mid to late 1990’s are pretty disappointed with the way the Canucks have started.  In fact, I’m sure all Canucks fans are pretty disappointed in the way the season has gone so far.  I just want to tell you all, “You have no idea what a bad Canucks team is all about.”  I rather think you’re quite spoiled fans to be honest. *wink*

I am not saying that today’s Canucks fans aren’t good fans and contrary to what Spike TV has said about us as a populace, I think we’re pretty good fans, but I am biased.  The point I am trying to make is, we as fans should be a little more patient with the boys because when they are healthy, they are a pretty good hockey team.  I have seen worse and I know better, really.

I have been a Canucks fan since 1981. I am almost 35 years old, and I have seen some pretty bad Canucks teams.  You know you are bad when the starting goaltender has a record of 16-27-6, his save % was a .855 while playing 51 games (Richard Brodeur). Let’s not forget your number one call up from the farm (Marc Crawford) had one goal, four penalty minutes and was a -4 on a 23 game stint with the big club. One of their defensemen (Doug Halward) had a -42 +/- rating! He was a defenseman, not Todd Bertuzzi!  Not one player was in the + side of the +/- stat. Not one.  A few evens but everyone else was in negative! Their best goal scorer was Tony Tanti who later left and played for the Pittsburgh Penguins, but Tanti had no support. That team was just God awful bad.

The aforementioned stats are all true! All you have to do is research the 1984-1985 Vancouver Canucks roster.  Sad isn’t it?  I remember sitting at games wishing the opposing team wouldn’t beat us too badly before the game even started!  Feeling me yet? I hope so.

These days, I just want the Nucks to get the hell out of their funk. I just want them to start playing to their ability level.  I just want them to show me they are the competitive bunch they are touted to be by fans, media, and management alike.  This Canucks team that we have now is not a bad team. In fact, I like I said before, they are a fairly good team. They are just going through a bad time and they are going to have to find their way out of it. I also believe they will do just that.

There are some positives to take out of this ‘slump’. The team is shooting a good amount of rubber to the net, they have the highest shots on goal average in the NHL at 37 a game.  Unfortunately, the shots aren’t going in.  A couple of good bounces here and there and their record could be slightly different, but that’s not the case. We’re eight games in, there are 74 more games to play.  Lots of hockey still.

What I am saying to my fellow Canucks fans is…we have a pretty good team, let’s just be a little more patient and not get down on their ‘mistakes’ too much.  Twenty five years ago, the Vancouver Canucks iced a really bad team. But I also remembered the fans at Pacific Coliseum being supportive and cheering them on and hoping for a better outcome.

Why is it in 2009, we cannot give our pretty talented and pretty determined team a better support system?  Why are we booing our captain after eight games because of this ‘slow’ start? I am not sure, but our expectations are much higher than the ones of 1984. At the same time, maybe we should take a step back and see what we have instead of focusing on what we don’t have.  So if you had a choice, would you rather watch the Canucks of 1984? At least they can really give you something to ‘boo’ about.