Sunday, April 20th, 2014

  As I visit the twitter verse, Facebook pages, fan sites and just a simple conversation with a good number of Canucks fans, I at times want to ram my head through a wall. Why? To simplify it for some, no matter what happens with the team, some of them are just not satisfied…with anything. […]

  It’s a big story in Canuck land that Rick Rypien has taken an indefinite leave of absence from the Canucks due to personal issues. Unfortunately for some out there, the lack of explanation as to why Rick Rypien has left is not enough. There are some out there that feel that the Canucks forward […]

My friend Richard Loat over at Canucks Hockey Blog tweeted about a blog written by Dan Tencer, an apparently bitter member of the Edmonton media (630 CHED) who I guess is sick of covering the sad sack Oilers. Tencer felt he needed to rip the Canucks and their fans after the Canucks defeated the Oilers […]

Today’s newly acquired Canucks fans, meaning those who became Canucks fans after the mid to late 1990’s are pretty disappointed with the way the Canucks have started.  In fact, I’m sure all Canucks fans are pretty disappointed in the way the season has gone so far.  I just want to tell you all, “You have […]