The Ghosts of Le Centre Bell

So, it’s another visit to the Bell Centre and it’s another loss for the Vancouver Canucks.  I am not quite sure what is the matter with the Canucks is when hit the ice at le Centre Bell, but they don’t play like a team that has won six games in a row. The team that is red-hot, and gunning for a divisional lead.  In fact, the Vancouver Canucks haven’t won in that building since 2007, when Roberto Luongo shut out the Canadiens 4-0.  Did he provoke a curse upon his team by embarrassing the Habs that night? I’m beginning to wonder.

On February 25th, 2009, the Canucks were shut out by Jaroslav Halak 3-0, a game I was privileged to watch with a very good Habs fan named Dave.  Although it was a hard night for me as a Canucks fan, it was a great experience to talk to amazingly knowledgeable, although almost as fickle (as Canucks fans) fans at the Bell Centre.  It was also very fun to debate in French, which I don’t get to do very often.

Last year, more of the same happened. Although I went with a few more Canucks fans hoping to fend off the spirits, the Montreal Canadiens managed to snake bite a 47 shot effort by our boys in the royal blue and Kelly green to squeeze a 3-2 victory out.  I guess the Habs didn’t like the 7-1 spanking they received at (then) GM Place earlier in the season.

Again this year, even though at times the Canucks played some sloppy hockey and had a few open nets missed, they did play with some effort.  Carey Price now shut out the Canucks with great skill and a little bit of luck.  I am beginning to think the ghosts of the Forum made their way to le Centre Bell.

After Roberto Luongo’s shutout in 2007, the Canucks have played some very good hockey at the arena but never had victory since.  The Canucks come off a seven game winning streak last season before playing the Habs to get their streak unceremoniously ended. This year the Canucks had a six game streaking, and had that halted. I think Luongo angered the Forum ghosts and now they won’t let him win on Habs home ice.

As I am sitting watching the game, I’m looking around and wondering if there is a curse that was bestowed on the Canucks after Luongo’s shutout. Why is it the ice seems too bouncy and the team can’t control the puck?  Why is it when the nets are practically empty the Canucks managed to miss them at close range?  Could it be the ghosts of Canadiens past helping their team and propelling them to victory over the Canucks? Who knows, all I know is, it would be nice to watch a victory there again. It’s been a while.   So what do the Canucks do next year to possibly ‘lift’ the curse? Maybe starting Schneider could break the drought.  It’s a suggestion, but it could work.

Oh well, off to Ottawa.

Justine Galo[tweetmeme]