I Know Eklunds a cook, but...

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I would also tend to think that this is pretty much a pipedream. It's not as if we have many tradeable assets right now. Our prospects are pretty weak, and most of the players that could actually get some attention in a trade have NTC's.

That said, if I had the opportunity to trade some of our D(core or otherwise) for a legitimate scoring forward, I would jump at the chance. While we should have some cap space next year with contracts coming up for Naslund and Morrison, the FA market isn't going to be that hot. That being the case there may be some wisdom in making a trade from a position of strength to compensate for a position of weakness.

If we were to lose a core D or two and in the process make this into a team that has the potential of putting the puck in the net so be it. With guys like Edler and Bourdon showing that they are able to make the next step up and with prospects like, Rahimi, McIver and Coulombe still in the ranks, why not actually use the depth instead of waiting for offense to magically develop from inside the organization. That is a ship that just isn't going to dock anywhere in the near future. We have enough pluggers in our system to have stopped New Orleans from sinking, but of blueship forward prospects I see nary a one. Thus if we had the option to trade talent for talent and boost our offense there would be no hessitation on my part.
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Re: I Know Eklunds a cook, but...

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Hey Grizz Media man went packing when he said he heard that Bertuzzi didn't treat his wife very well and some posters called him on that digusting piece of "reporting". His insight would have been nice if he was able to seperate himself from the personalities , but like most of the so called media in this town he had an "I hate Bert" agenda and wasn't proffesional enough to put it away when it came to stating the FACTS!

Did Todd treat the media like shit? I don't think he did initially but soon became frusturated and annoyed (pure speculation on my part)with the constant stupid questions and lack of homework being done by the so-called reporters. He started with the sarcasm and it escalated from there. The F@#ing pasny Moore thing was just what the media wanted and they turned into a snarling pack of she- dogs. The thing is not all players are gonna be like Trevor Linden, and the media has to realize that! Bertuzzi seemed to have a good relationship with the guy that always has goofy hairstyles on the Canucks broadcasts.You know the guy that asked questions about what went on on the ice.

Like most media people Media man dosn't like to be called openly on his bullshit and instead of standing up for himself and those in his proffesion he turned tail and ran. Atleast the poster that goes by the name Dave Pratt ( I don't know or care if its the "real" David Pratt but I do get the vibe the dude is some type of media dude) will give and take on the board to a certain extent. Media man showed no balls at all. Good riddance Media man, but if those boys ever drop come on back ! Your more3 than welcome to express your opinion, just keep the players familys out of it.
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Re: I Know Eklunds a cook, but...

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That's why I use thescore's trade deadline day coverage.
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