GDT: 06/02/19; Leaves vs Canucks>6pm>SNETP

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Re: GDT: 06/02/19; Leaves vs Canucks>6pm>SNETP

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Strangelove wrote:
Fri Mar 08, 2019 4:23 pm
Is that Tiger with his arm around you in the front?
Ok, yep I actually spat out beer when I read this.

Thanks doc, that was alcohol abuse you just made me do.

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Re: GDT: 06/02/19; Leaves vs Canucks>6pm>SNETP

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Hockey Widow wrote:
Sat Mar 09, 2019 1:20 pm
Pettersson seems to be passing more. There are times, when earlier in the season he would shoot, now he’s passing. Is it confidence? Doubt it, he’s a confident kid. Is it strategy to move the puck because he’s being so closely checked? Maybe. Is it confusion about what to do? Doubt it he’s got pretty good instincts. Is it an boo boo? Could be, he left the ice one game after getting slashed shaking his arm/wrist.

Something is a little off and coupled with the increased on ice attention he’s getting you can see his frustration growing. This is a good thing. He’s got to learn to battle through this. All, well most, slight, skilled players go through it.

The biggest thing the team can do is upgrade the top six. Man I’m feeling sick about trading Dahlen before we gave him a chance to ride shotgun with Pettersson. A prospect and I’m having a hard time letting it go.
Don’t lose sleep over losing Dahlen. Benning needs to decide - draft a forward with the first round pick and sign a UFA d-man (Myers, Karlsson) or draft a Byram and sign a Panarin.

Whatcha gonna do Jim!?!?!

It’s funny how both Myers and Karlsson are UFA available this summer when they were both available when Gillis drafted Cotton Hill Hodgson
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Re: GDT: 06/02/19; Leaves vs Canucks>6pm>SNETP

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It'll be interesting to see what Benning does with this defense. Its a dumpster fire and unless he plans on throwing the wad at the handful of UFAs he will need to deal a piece or 2 from the forward group.

Im not that confident in his judgement regarding forward vets but has he ever signed a dman on july 1st? Maybe being a former defenseman, this will be where he shines. I doubt anyone expected gudbranson to be such a plumber except maybe dale tallon :lol:
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