MLB playoffs

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Re: MLB playoffs

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Hank wrote: Tue Jan 21, 2020 9:14 pm His dad looked good. Didn't know that he was a prospect.

The more I think about it, the more improbable it seems. The guy never really played baseball as a kid, only glorified softball in some beer leagues. Then basically learns the game from scratch in the minors and becomes a big leaguer and HOFer.

That's crazy :crazy:

Morneau had some great years, but after those concussions, he just wasn't the same player.
My dad and Sr went back quite a ways. Jr was a hockey goalie and played a bit of baseball growing up and then for his dad’s Fastpitch team as a shortstop when he was 16 with his dad and three brothers. He never took baseball seriously until he played for the Reds as a 17 year old. He started mashing almost immediately... Raw as hell but strong as an ox and could run like a deer.
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Re: MLB playoffs

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Not playoffs but;

Blue Jays denied government approval to play home games in Toronto

The Blue Jays home opener is scheduled for July 29 against the Washington Nationals, meaning the team now has 11 days to solidify a location for home games. Other options under consideration are TD Ballpark in Dunedin or Buffalo’s Sahlen Field, home of the triple-A Bisons. ... s-toronto/

W/E--Can't believe they even tried. They're the only team in Kanata. lol-only in TO :hmmm:
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