The Absurd and Whimsical Humour of Vladimir "Dobby" Putin

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Re: The Absurd and Whimsical Humour of Vladimir "Dobby" Putin

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Strangelove wrote: Fri Sep 04, 2020 2:04 pm
2Fingers wrote: Fri Sep 04, 2020 8:45 am And nothing will be done about it, in reality there is little anyone can do about it except start a war.

Same as the meddling of China and Russia AND AMERICA in other countries politics.
Yeah I was going to say that, it is not like Britain, France and the USA don't do it. But at least they are on our side, right :look:
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Re: The Absurd and Whimsical Humour of Vladimir "Dobby" Putin

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Putin is having problems...

Protests in Belarus ever since the sham elections. People marching in the streets demanding that Lukashenko And apart from the Russia backed insurgents in eastern Ukraine, Lukashenko is the only really loyal ally Russia has in Europe.

Protests in Siberia. After a governor in one of the far east regions was arrested on murdercharges, people have taken to the streets and demanded his release. The locals are convinced of his innocence and claim it’s a coupe orchestrayed from the Kremlin.

The failed murder of Navalny. The opposition leader was given a neurotoxin before boarding a four hour flight to Moscow. As he started to fall ill, the pilot requested to make an emergency landing. The request was denied, and he was instructed to continue to Moscow where an ambulance would meet up. The pilot ignored the orders and made an emergency landing anyway. Navalny was brought to a hospital, given the proper antidotes and placed in intensive care. Because of the pilot and hospital staff, the murder attempt failed, and Navalny was later, after several days of diplomacy transferred to a German hospital.

Interestingly, the journal from the Russian hospital denies he was poisoned, but states he collapsed from a combinatopn of sleep deprivation, too much alcohol and a lack of food. Yet the treatment they gave him was to combat the effects of neurotoxins... :roll:
Obviously the hospital staff did what was necessary to save his life, but then doctored the journals according to instructions...

Oil prices are too low for Russia to make a profit, and the sanctions imposed because of his invasion of Crimea and e Donetsk region are also hurting the .

And finally, his candidate in the US presidential elections is trailing in the Polls.

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