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Re: Aliens

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2018 10:12 pm
by The Brown Wizard
There happens to be strong evidence (ancient aliens)supporting the theory that sasquatch might in fact be alien tourists. Apparently they can emit a subsonic sound that makes people nervous and unsettled...shaky camera time.

All they want to do is hike around naked in the bush and theres always some cunt with a camera harshing his buzz

Re: Aliens

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 7:20 pm
by The Brown Wizard
In 1959 Papua New Guinea was still a territory of Australia. June of that year saw the spectacular sightings of a UFO by Father William Gill, an Australian Anglican missionary, and 37 members of his Boianai mission. Gill made notes about the experience, which the media obtained. Stories appeared in August, causing a sensation. There were even questions to the Australian Minister of Defence in Parliament about it as it was at the height of the cold war and secret Soviet missions were a real concern and the RAAF launched an investigation. The veracity of Father Gill's testimony has never been questioned and to this day the Boianai sightings are one of the strangest episodes in the annals of UFOlogy.
Gill and his congregation were adamant that they had been visited by an alien craft and actually saw the occupants. Only the day before the sighting, Gill had composed a letter to the Reverend David Durie, Acting Principal of Saint Aidan’s College at Dogura, to accompany a report regarding a UFO sighting made by Stephen Moi, an assistant teacher at Gill’s mission.
‘Dear David, Have a look at this extraordinary data. I am almost convinced about the “visitation” theory. There have been quite a number of reports over the months, from reliable witnesses. The peculiar thing about these most recent reports is that the UFOs seem to be stationary at Boianai or to travel from Boianai. The Mount Pudi vicinity seems to be the hovering area. I myself saw a stationary white light twice on the same night on 9 April, but in a different place each time. I believe your students have also sighted one over Boianai. The Assistant District Officer, Bob Smith and Mr Glover have all seen it, or similar ones on different occasions again, over Boianai, although I think the Baniara people said they watched it travel across the sky from our direction. I should think that this is the first time that the “saucer” has been identified as such."
The incident was the basis for a book "The Visitants" by Randolph Stow, who had worked as an assistant to the anthropologist, Charles Julius, and had been a cadet patrol officer in the Trobriand Islands.

The Trobriand Islands. Years ago Iwas trying to make it there for the yam festival but never made it...rumours of island bunnies shagging like minks were brought to my attention.

Re: Aliens

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 8:23 pm
by Strangelove

Have you seen this one before Wiz?

(old feller starts his story at 4:41)

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Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 4:46 am
by The Brown Wizard

No i hadnt seen that. Wow.

The rabbit hole is so much deeper than anyone knows