Posting - 2023 edition

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Posting - 2023 edition

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Hey everyone,

The past week or so here has had some great hockey talk. Of course, there's been a lot to talk about, and that helps.

I'm asking everyone to do their best to continue on this trend, with less distractions, derailments and bringing up the same past 'points' that detract from the board.

Moving forward, the mods will be removing anything they consider distracting to the topic at hand. Of course, the bar and grill is there for bullshitting and going off topic, and there are some very specific threads that can be used in case someone needs to bring up the past.

The franchise is starting a new era, and we will also move forward as well. Let's see who has better success. ;)

Thanks to everyone who posts here, I feel that we have some of the best discussions, ideas and thoughts on the game on the web.
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