Cooke for Ouellet?

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Would you pull the trigger on this trade if you were the GM?

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No, not in a million years
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Post by Bartman » Fri Aug 25, 2006 7:33 am

tantalum wrote:I think you are looking at it in the wrong way. Oullet may not be a lock to make the team, but that doesn't really matter as the main idea behind such a deal is to free up about a million in cap space.. Oullet would provide scoring depth for atleast the Moose and perhaps develop into a player for the canucks. With the number of bottom 6 bodies Nonis has right now he can move someone else into Cooke's spot that makes considerably less and use the extra money to sign Carter or another legitimate top 6 forward. It eliminates a scoring question mark on the top two lines.

With Linden, Kesler, Santala, Pyatt, Bulis, Bouck, Chouinard, King, Schultz, Oullet you then have enough bodies to round out the lineup by plugging the other top 6 RW spot (i.e. Bulis, Pyatt, King or Schultz or some combination thereof) while rounding out a decent bottom 6.

Nonis has built up the bottom 6 depth. I think there is a reason for this beyond injury depth. It gives him flexibility to move a body and free up cap space if he sees a player on the UFA market or trade market that he thinks can help round out the top 6.

Can't argue with your logic about our bottom 6 depth. I agree with you that Nonis has done this with the idea that someone, likely Cooke, is now expendable. However:

1) I think some people here believe that Ouelet would move right into our top six and be a force with the Sedins or Mo and Naz. IMO this is a stretch.

2) If the move would create enough space to sign a Carter or Dumont then DO IT DO IT DO IT! But I can't see it happening. Even if those guys would want to play here I don't see this freeing up the space. After our RFA's sign we will be butting up against 42-43 million. Remove Cooke and you still only have 1.5 - 2 at the most and that isn't going to land either of those guys IMO.

...I'm getting tired of debating rumors. Can't wait for training camp!!! :towel:
R.I.P. Luc.

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