Women in Kamloops

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Re: Women in Kamloops

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Topper wrote: The other thing is, Spring has sprung. The weather is great. folks are doing things outside rather than sitting in a rink.
Supposed to hit 25 degrees today in Kamloops. 8-)
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Re: Women in Kamloops

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Topper wrote:Osoyoos to Oyama could disappear from the map and I wouldn't blink.

I like towns where things get made over towns that just sell shit.
At least you aren't bitter. :?
“Gohmert and Bumpty sitting in a tree”
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Re: Women in Kamloops

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Third consecutive gold for the USA. What has happened, Canada? :|

The Russians beat the Finns in the bronze game.

The Swedish Girls took fifth place, beating the Czechs in a classification game, which means they qualify for the 2018 Olympic tournament. Hopefully they will have learnt to play the game by then. :mex:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_hocke ... r_Olympics
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