GDT R2/G4 [Meds' See Wot Edition] August 30 - SNET @ 19:30PST

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Re: GDT R2/G4 [Meds' See Wot Edition] August 30 - SNET @ 19:30PST

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CrzyCanuck wrote: Sun Aug 30, 2020 7:55 pm canucks don't seem to be have a response to Vegas' neutral zone
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Re: GDT R2/G4 [Meds' See Wot Edition] August 30 - SNET @ 19:30PST

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Tough game. By and large, the Canucks good players played well and the Canucks poorer players played poorly. I thought that the play and chances were relatively even with both sides tilting the ice for time periods. The Canucks failed to throw a knock out punch when they had the chance (two late 2d period pp's, Fleury robs Pettersson), but it felt like a game where each team was playing to their strengths.

But goaltending ended up being the major difference. I am sure Markstrom didn't like those goals that went through him -- nor should he have liked his positioning on the play from behind the net. Honestly, the third period felt a bit like 2003 vs. the Wild and Dan Cloutier in net. Because Marky was swimming and looking the wrong way. Like he felt he needed to guess instead of position and react. Pacioretty's goal was obviously great puck luck for Vegas, but it seemed like Marky should have been there.

Those nights happen, especially when playing back to back. Its why goalies don't usually play back to back. Not pointing fingers at Green here -- there's certainly a solid logic to winning or losing with the #1. Its just an increased risk and in this case, that risk played out.

I think two plays bothered me most -- both leading to a goal and both had shaking my head before the goal was scored. One was the Reaves hit on Hughes, which looked to me to be hard but legal in real time (and I the replays didn't change my mind). The play created the rush, but rather than getting back 100% on their horses, the 3rd Canuck (not the forward covering for Hughes, I think) decides to "stand up a bit" for Hughes. A rish without back pressure is dramatically different than a rush with back pressure -- and the Canucks paid for letter Reaves be the game and not the puck.

The other play that bothered me was Sutter's poor bank pass exiting the zone leading to a terrible turnover in the neutral zone. At that point -- the third period of a game you are winning and playing back to back nights to boot (I think this sequence led to the tying goal, but the same is true if the score were 3-3), all lines need to be thinking in 25-30 second increments -- especially the 4th line. That line's shift was already done to the point where if they gain the redline, they dump. Instead, Sutter could have gained center but tries the bank pass -- and not even to spring a chance but to a winger whose proper play is likely to facilitate a line -- maybe he gets to carry one on one -- but it isn't going to be an odd man rush. Vegas intercepts, cycles, and ultimately scores.

That wasn't Sutter's only demerit, though it was the most obvious one. Sutter was a total mess tonight in the defensive zone. I just don't see him as all that effective as a wing. He is often out of position and not all that good at winning board battles or moving the puck quickly on an outlet. I think he's far better in the defensive zone when he has the responsibilities of a center.

Penultimate thought. Edler played very well, and was the unsung hero of the game for the Canucks.

Final thought -- give Vegas credit. They played a good all around game and were particularly terrific with their sticks knocking down passes. Its a good team, and it takes more than half the Canucks playing well to beat them.
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