GDT canux vs wings 4pm PST on splortsnet

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Re: GDT canux vs wings 4pm PST on splortsnet

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We know that was AV's mandate, Torts loosened the reins a bit, no idea what Willie on the Poor Boys had dictated.
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Re: GDT canux vs wings 4pm PST on splortsnet

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Topper wrote:OK Reef

Despite moving Vanek to try to jumpstart them, Gagger and Bermitrov are lost.

Nice seeing Jake parked on the crease in the PP. probably a good role for him but when he's asked to screen for the cannonating shots of Henrik and Daniel we'll never know. How about having Bo, Bess, and Vanek out there with the porn scag on D. Bo and Vanek can rotate D responsibilities as 4th forewards.

Bubbles must be in shock that this seems to be the most physical play from the Canucks since Kesler and Burr were pups and willing to drop em to back up their yapping.
That’s better, your slipping, you used to provide a better overview of the game. Good to read when I didn’t see the game.

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