GDT: Jan 4, 2017 ARI@VAN 7:00pm SN Pacific

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Re: GDT: Jan 4, 2017 ARI@VAN 7:00pm SN Pacific

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Team is looking good. I think these guys are learning how to finish, that's the big difference. Calgary should be interesting.
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Re: GDT: Jan 4, 2017 ARI@VAN 7:00pm SN Pacific

Post by Topper »

At hockey message board lost in time there was a predict the score poll for each game......some asshole would always predict 10-0 with the Canuck goaltender scoring the game winning goal.

So when does Bo's line face 1st unit D? Not long ago many here were calling him a career 2nd 3rd line tweener. LOL

Is that Greek Pizza or Turkeys served up by the little Trojan? if he's going to be rubber necking he needs to make a safe play. Anyone who condones his D play and doesn't notice the inordinate amount of time he spends on his back deserves a pregnant pause.


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Re: GDT: Jan 4, 2017 ARI@VAN 7:00pm SN Pacific

Post by Per »

Strangelove wrote:
Madcombinepilot wrote:Alas.. does Horvat now get the nickname 'Dog'?

'Hot Dog'?

'Big Dog'?

'Hot Dog'?


Heaven forbid, 'Wiener Dog' (or any variation of that!!)
Top Dog?

Big Dog?
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