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Post by Farhan Lalji » Wed Feb 04, 2009 6:48 pm

dr.dork wrote:
Farhan Lalji wrote: In a strange sort of way, I am glad that the Canucks went through such a tumultous January. I believe that this new found humbleness derived from this streak will ultimately get them back on the path to hardwork and defensive savvyiness.
I knew you couldn't last until march. :D Welcome back, although I don't know what the origin of the self-boot was...

Better to have a 1000 game losing streak in January than March or April, I suppose.
I think it's a miracle that I lasted until February. :P The origin of my 'self boot' was mainly because I have tons of work as a Masters student. I've been studying about 75-80 hours+ over these past few weeks....but have a few days of 'lax time' now.

And to be honest, I was getting a little tired of making the same arguments over and over again. It's almost as if most people were failing to acknolwedge that....

A) The Canucks had been without their BEST player for 2 months
B) The Canucks had a number of other 'key injuries'
C) Sundin was NOT going to set the world on fire upon debuting
D) It would take Luongo atleast 6-8 games to get back to his early season form.

To me, it just reached a boiling point when one poster (can't remember who it was) said something to the effect of, "The Canucks have proven that they aren't an elite team....they had Luongo tonight and still lost!" This comment on the night that Luongo played his 1st game.....after 2 months off. I mean seriously - when you read comments like that, you wonder if it's worth spending 20-30 minutes per day debating.

But anyway - I feel a bit more "refreshed" now and so I am back. :)

Like I said back in mid-January, this team deserves to be judged based on how they play in February.

-No injury excuses (KNOCK ON WOOD)
-No rustiness excuses (although in Sundin's case, I still think it will take him another 2-3 weeks to get back to his true level).

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