Jerseys Revealed

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Mr. Bure #10
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Jerseys Revealed

Post by Mr. Bure #10 »

Who came up with the new design? They should be fired as they are completely awful. Tell me why "VANCOUVER" is written above the Orca on the home blues. I think the fans know which city they are from.

I was really banking on something innovative and unique. All they did is swap the logo on the old retro jersey and added a city name. All this hype for nothing. I would've been happier with the yellow "V" version if I knew this was the design. Personally they should have just went with the retro style with the Rink logo. A classic look that everyone could appreciate.
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Post by Naslund Is King »

I hate the sitck in rink logo...

This one is decent.

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Post by sk8er »

I like them.

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Post by Island Nucklehead »

I'm a fan. Simple=class. The orca was a good logo, truly representing the West Coast. Stick in the rink remains, and I like the vintage-esque colour scheme.

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Post by magnum44 »

overall I like the new unis but i do think the "Vancouver" lettering is oout of place. makes them look too busy. Now that the fulltime unis have taken the color scheme from the sticknrink are they going to use the yellow skate logo unis as the third jersey?
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Post by Meerschaum »


Colour me moot.
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Post by Linden Is God »

magnum44 wrote: Now that the fulltime unis have taken the color scheme from the sticknrink are they going to use the yellow skate logo unis as the third jersey?
There will be no 3rd jerseys throughout the league this year.

Now when will Brian update the site? These colours are getting old already. :lol:

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Post by tantalum »

Why can Vancouver jersey designers just never stop adding things?

Good colour scheme. The orca looks better though I'm still not a huge fan. But the wordmark is WAY too big. Make it smaller and less obtrusive and it might have worked. better yet leave it the heck off the jerseys.

Still better than the ones they replaced.

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Post by Ilevakam »

tantalum wrote:
Still better than the ones they replaced.

Larry Goodenough
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Post by Larry Goodenough »

I found it a bit insulting how the team tried to play up how important the fans are and then they never gave their fans a say in the design.

I personally find the "Vancouver" lettering terrible. The unis might work without the lettering and with some green added to the whale. The whale looks like a black and white photocopy was taped to the front.

A big thumbs down from me.

I sincerely hope no one buys any merchandise and they are forced to at least take the "Vancouver" off.

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Enough is enough

Post by Nucksfan10 »

OK OK....I have read pretty much every thread on here and CDC that deals with the new jersey. The canucks released their jersey and people bitch, wow im soooo surprised. Does anyone remember last year, or the year before or the year before that? Get rid of bertuzzi he's a cancer, get rid of cloutier he's a sieve, get rid of crawford he can't coach them anymore. THEN, we get Luongo, AV and ditch big todd. OH, how could they get rid of a 30 goal scorer, we paid him too much and he hasn't been in the playoffs, Vigneault is a minor league coach he will destroy the canucks. See my point? You cheer for the Canucks, you bitch for the Canucks, you go every day on Team 1040 or watch on sportsnet about how good or bad they are. These jerseys are here to stay like them or not. I personally understand what they did with the entire thing, and no im not 100% impressed but they work. They probably could have gone with vertical lines instead of the horizontal but whatever, they are the canucks and dammit im gonna cheer for them even if there is a squirrel licking a puma's acorns. We are complaining about a jersey people; if the nucks stink this season, lets complain about that. Everyone thinks maybe if we don't buy them or if we complain enough they will get rid of the VANCOUVER wordmark or maybe they'll make a 3rd jersey next year that they can wear alot. THEY ARE KEEPING THESE PUPPIES! Now I am addressing you as a fan and a critic of all this BS. If you only like the canucks because they have or had a cool jersey, whatever. If you cheer for them because of history....or lack thereof, whatever. If you cheer for them because of the talent they have right now or did have, whatever. You are a canucks fan and thats it. I personally hope we win the cup in these babies because then everyone will shut up about the jerseys and every wrong thing that has happened. Although, being canucks fans we probably will bitch and complain because we didn't win in 4 straight games. I dunno. I know this is more of a rant but come on people, is this really that neccesary to complain about something that isn't going to be changed? We complained the first time the Orca came and hoped it would be gone, its not, its here to stay. I loved the skate jersey cuz thats what i grew up with but they got rid of it, i got over it. I cheer for the canucks because i grew up as a canucks fan and thats what i know, PERIOD! I hope we can be mature about what these jerseys mean and accept them for what they are, if it helps Lu then we should all be so grateful.

Ok, i think im done, sorry for taking so long.
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Post by sk8er »

Well done nucksfan10, well done...........

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Re: Enough is enough

Post by clangan »

dammit im gonna cheer for them even if there is a squirrel licking a puma's acorns
nucksfan10, you've got my vote for the squirrel licking the puma's acorns as the new logo!!!

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Post by Jelly »


simple is good, and there's just a bit to much with the word Vancouver in front.

maybe a VAN (logo) OUVER ?

a smaller logo but generally bigger words right across the chest
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Post by Cornuck »

nucksfan10, yes, I will cheer for the team regardless of what they're wearing (except a blue and white maple leaf motif), but still as fan, there's a chance that I would have considered buying one of these new jerseys. As a consumer, (which is all we are to the owners) I have a right to voice my displeasure over the uniforms, the trades, the lineups - whatever.

As far as all the bitching about the uniforms goes, I think most of is fair. WE are the ones who have been through this team through good and bad. For the team to throw us jersey that is almost universally panned, there's a problem. Yes, we'll get used to it, but in the meantime it's one week before training camp and we need something to discuss. Also, a lot of your examples you list (Cloutier, Bert, Crawford) are valid problems that needed to be addressed and discussed.

But come game time, 'we are all Canucks' and we'll support them to the end.

Another opinion on the jerseys

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