NHL Back in the Peg?

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not being as wily a veteran hockey fan i really dont know why the moved the Jets and the Nordiques, however based on that last stat im pretty sure i could figure out why the jets were moved. I know this thread isnt specifically about them, but could someone fill me in on why the Nordiques were moved?
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Much bigger revenue base in Denver than Quebec City, especially in 1995 when (1) the Cdn dollar had gone to sh!t, and (2) the separatist scare (and the economic fallout that comes with it) was at its peak -- the 1995 referendum took place during the first month of the Avalanche's existence, if I recall.

Basing anything on the Jets not selling out their final game is ridiculous, though. In addition to it being a sample size of one, you're asking demoralized fans to shell out lots of money for an owner who is taking their team away.

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