Tie Domi gets demoted to TSN's second line.

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Tie Domi gets demoted to TSN's second line.

Post by Tukaram »

One month into his vaunted television career, former enforcer Tie Domi has been moved to another line.

As was the case last week, Domi will appear tonight on TSN's NHL broadcast in a rapid-fire question-and-answer segment called Win, Lose & Tie.

TSN says the move is not a demotion but part of the growing process.

``This isn't too unusual in our business," said Rick Chisholm, TSN's vice-president of production. ``We tried him out in it last week and most of us liked it. We felt that he's not established on the panel yet, so if we're going to try things, this is the time."

While TSN won't call the shuffling of bodies a demotion, announcers are seldom reassigned if the network is happy with their performances. And seldom are announcers reassigned so soon after the announcement of their hiring was televised nationally.

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Post by Rising Sun Canuck »

After seeing a few clips of his panel performances- like the way he played- it was pretty rough...Tie just doesn't have the poise and proper timing of a veteran reporter...he may improve like Kyperos did...

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Post by tantalum »

Kypreos may have improved but he's still absolutely horrible.

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Post by SRsez »

tantalum wrote:Kypreos may have improved but he's still absolutely horrible.
Which still makes him 1,000,000x better than that idiot Ferraro. Which is what, 10 billion times better than Greg Millen?
Real hockey fans refuse to listen to the Idiot(tm)

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Post by MacNews »

My favourite is the Kyper cam. I'm not surprised to see Domi demoted, he needs to work on his diction.

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