What is the best seat in the house

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What is the best seat in the house

Post by the_bad_fish »

I'm a complete rookie to attending games at GM place (i've been a tv watcher the last couple years). I would love some die hard Canuck fan info on what seats to buy and what seats to stay away from and so on. Let me know the ins and outs of gm place. Thanks

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Post by Soapy »

You could spend the big money for the sweet seats and sit with a bunch of out of town salesmen/purchasing agents/CEO types that are there for the event, not hockey (not that there is anything wrong with that) but if I were to buy tickets, i would buy the first row on the McDonalds Level (upper deck) Isle seat near your favorite food station/washroom.
Great view, food/beer is close & eat before the game!!
I'm pretty happy watching the games at home. I don't like going to our home games when half the crowd is from out of town & could care less about our home team.
If you want the deluxe seats, get 4 people together & buy a table in the GRILL. The food is a little expensive but the view is great, no line up for the washroom, & the waiter brings you a PINT of beer for restaurant prices.
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Post by JamesOwnzSam11 »

70 bucks to pay for a very high seat up....then to pay another 30 bucks on food? No thanks there.

Anway I think I'll just try to get a seat in the yellows.....still very expensive.

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Post by MarkMM »

Just behind the Canucks bench would be great, overhear the team's conversations and the coach's instructions, great insight into the game. Aside from that, I'd love a luxury box... :roll:

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Post by The_Pauser »

I've sat everywhere in the building, even in the press box (great view btw). Best seat I'd suggest would be row 1 balcony, center ice. You get a great view of the entire arena, you have a ledge there to put your beer and whatnot, and you're at an angle where its easy to see everyone's names.

Plus the REAL fans sit up top ;)

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Post by Jester »

Plus the REAL fans sit up top
Indeed. Most of the expensive seats are bought up by people who go to the game to be trendy and see it as a status symbol, as opposed to being true Canuck's fans.

Bandwagoneers with fat pocketbooks, as it were.

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Post by SRsez »

Section 115, above row 15, on the aisle. Better than my brother's club tickets, for cheaper. Easy access for smoking the cannons, and fast access to designated parking & getting the hell outta dodge after the final horn.

I picked 'em for my previous employer (DAMN!), now I'm 113, row 22, seats 3 & 4. Not too bad, but not as good as my aforementioned brother's seats. They are closer to the good beer though.

I sat 1st row upstairs for the Russia/America WJC semi. Not bad, but there are plenty of better ones downstairs. Soapy's right, the grill is a great way to go, and maybe easier to access for the general public?

But Jester & Pauser, you sound like a bunch of whiners who really have no idea, and make up lame excuses just to make themselves feel better. There are plenty of guys in the lower bowl that have owned season's since the late 80's and early 90's, when seats were plentiful. Sure, corporate owns a goodly extent, but they always have, and you don't think they ever give tickets to guys who like hockey?
MarkMMM wrote:Aside from that, I'd love a luxury box.
They're great, don't get me wrong, but the 3 times (2 upstairs, 1 down) I've sat in them, there were too many people talking, moving, eating, and just generally being a distraction. Now if you could afford it personally......
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Post by ververgaert »

I won two tickets to the club seats with an underground parking pass at a golf tournament once andhad a blast! Great view, good service, if you have the means I would highly recomend it.

I really don't care who sits around me, there usually extremly offended by my commentary half way through the first anyhow.

Btw media sucks! :mrgreen:
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