2019-20 NHL Playoffs

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Re: 2019-20 NHL Playoffs

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lol yeah everyone shredding damian on twitter, but he's rolling with the punches there.
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Re: 2019-20 NHL Playoffs

Post by Madcombinepilot »

If you mean ‘rolling with the punches’ like:
‘Receiving end of a bukkake party’, then you are of course, correct.
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Re: 2019-20 NHL Playoffs

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Couldn't have been to easy to win. Laughs got bumped in the play in round.
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Re: 2019-20 NHL Playoffs

Post by Micky »

SKYO wrote: Tue Sep 29, 2020 4:39 pm "analysts" talking about the Cup not being as hard to win this year versus others, it's a bit different for sure, I won't take anything from Tampa winning it, hard earned win. But it was a tad different this year with no insanity crowds screaming/booing your team on or against in different building atmosphere's.
Damian Cox:

Not as difficult to win a Cup when there’s no road games, no travel. Still a difficult thing to win it all. Tampa gave lots of sweat and blood to make this happen. But let’s not compare bubble hockey with the real thing.

Mikhail Sergachev @sergachev31 Replying to @DamoSpin
Haha,sure,let’s forget about back to backs and no rest in between the seriesThumbs down
10:46 AM · Sep 29, 2020·
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a late add----- :drink: \/

We beat the Stanley Cup champs, Was no easy task. It was really a second round win and a third round defeat. A defeat that only happened
because of five games in seven days, damn it. Veegan's cluckers were rested, had barely broken a sweat, damn it. They got the easy peasy
round robin practice where there was little if any intensity, damn it. Still, we game them troubles and broke their bubble for the next
round. Dallas says thanks, damn it. WE would have busted up the shining stars and gone on to have JT project his need to crush his
X mates of yore and so there it is. So obvious, damn it.
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Re: 2019-20 NHL Playoffs

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Madcombinepilot wrote: Tue Sep 29, 2020 10:09 pm If you mean ‘rolling with the punches’ like:
‘Receiving end of a bukkake party’, then you are of course, correct.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Damian Cocks
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