2014-15 NHL Awards Watch

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2014-15 NHL Awards Watch

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Just saw this over on TSN.....

http://www.tsn.ca/talent/thumbs-up-to-t ... s-1.248509

Hodge isn't my favorite, not by a long shot, comes off as a slightly less arrogant than Ron MacLean, but generally he calls it like it is and isn't too far wrong. Definitely don't agree with some of his picks though.

Gaudreau should NOT get the Calder. I would expect that from American sportswriters who look at nothing beyond goals and total points, and even then, Filip Forsberg has been just as impressive, if not more so. He's younger than Gaurdreau too. Also a rookie defenseman like Ekblad, or even John Klingberg if you're going to give it to someone about to turn 22 or 23.....Any time a rookie defenseman can get into the 40 point category, he should be getting consideration. And if you want to look at advanced stats, Gaudreau doesn't even make the top-30. Forsberg, Ekblad, and Klingberg, round out the top 3. Forsberg should get it with Ekblad being the runner-up.

I was surprised to see Schneider's name in there for the Vezina runner-up.....but his body of work this year has been impressive behind a truly lousy team. And why isn't Braden Holtby's name in the mix? The most games of any goaltender and putting up some very good numbers. Price is obviously the runaway winner.
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