MacFarlane Hockey Figures

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MacFarlane Hockey Figures

Post by ClamRussel » it just me or are they getting worse over the years? You'd think the opposite would be true.
For one thing the thickness on the goalie's cages looks silly; surely they could find a thinner grade that would work....and they never seem to get the goalie's masks right. Is it a copyright issue?

On the most recent Luongo from the Olympics they gave him Canucks gear when he had new all-white gear just for the tournament. ... _01_dp.jpg

I dunno, I'd probably get a vintage one if it was done really well....Orr, Tretiak or something like that.
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Re: MacFarlane Hockey Figures

Post by Cornuck »

I have the Hanson Bros set and a Naslund - I haven't looked at them lately, but they used to be top notch.
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