Nucks Misconduct/Live Blog Tonight

I want to wish the best of luck to a couple of bloggers that I have come to enjoy reading. Mike (Yankee Canuck) and Sean Zandberg (Waiting For Stanley) have combined their creative talents to join SportsBlogs Nation as Nucks Misconduct. I’ve run this Canucks site for over 13 years now, but I am new to the world of blogging. These two guys provide a fun and lighthearted perspective, while at the same time calling it like they see it. Check them out today!

We would love to see you tonight! will participating in the live blog tonight at GM Place. Stop by section 111 and see what we’re up to, and maybe even be interviewed live for the Canucks Fan Zone.

Annoyances and getting back to business

Like the Canucks, we’re back to business this week. I had planned to step away from the site during the All-Star break, but hackers made sure that wouldn’t happen. Looks like we’re all good now, and thankfully nothing was lost or destroyed, but it was a major annoyance in my life this weekend. Mission accomplished basement boy, your mom is proud I am sure.

On the eve of the Canucks getting back to business against Nashville to start a critical 4-game home stretch, there is no doubt that the club must start to turn the tides and make a run if they have any hope of securing a playoff spot in the tough Western Conference. [Read more…]

Sadness, excitement and anticipation

Well, here we go again. Another season is upon us and Canucks fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting the drop of the puck. The night will start with sadness and a memorial to late Canucks defenseman Luc Bourdon. The club will then attempt to honour his memory with a solid opening night performance.

With a high turnover ratio from the squad that missed last years playoffs, fans are wondering what type of club they are going to see. If the clubs preseason performance is any indication, this is going to be a hard working, fast skating, tougher hockey club. It sounds like exactly what the doctor ordered for a team that was often accused of not putting in a consistent effort on many nights last year.

If the defense can stay healthy and younger talent and new blood can chip in goals, this club has the chance to compete in the Northwest Division, perhaps the the toughest division in hockey. That task starts tonight with division rival Calgary the visitor, in what should be a spirited affair to kick off the season.

With pundits and hockey “experts” everywhere predicting the Canucks to miss the playoffs, the motivation for this team to succeed should be easy to muster up. New GM Mike Gillis has standards that he wants maintained and he will be keeping a gauge on the early pulse of this team. With close to 10 million in his pocket to spend, and an owner willing to spend it, the Canucks have a card to play if things shouldn’t go smoothly to start the year.

Starting things off with a win over the FlamesĀ  tonight, would be a good start indeed. Make sure you check in for all the latest discussion in our traditional game day thread on our discussion forum.

It’s a big year for

As our regulars have noticed, the format of this site is changing, and we’ve entered the world of blogging. Hopefully as we build a stable of regular contributors, you’re going to find a diverse and unique perspective on Canucks hockey, form the view of the fan.

Our new format combined with our participation and networking with the new Canucks Fanzone over at and some very exciting things will be happening with the site this season.

Please bear with me, as the site is still a work in progress. I’ll be figuring things out as we go, and I hope that in the end this is going to be even a better place to discuss Canucks hockey. This our 12th season on the web and we’re still loving every minute of it!

Welcome to the new Canucks Corner!

Hi everyone, and welcome to what is still a work in progress. Canucks Corner is starting it’s 12th season on the internet, and we’re taking things in a new direction.

Several years ago now, Tom Benjamin approached me with the idea of adding a blog to Canucks Corner. I didn’t even know what a blog was. Today, Tom’s blog is one of the most popular and respected on the internet. He apparently saw the future, because today blogs are everywhere.

This year we’re joining the fun. In the years I have run this site, I have had the pleasure of reading and hosting great insight from all sorts of Canucks fans. Not the mainstream media stuff, but passionate and informative perspectives from the fans. The idea with this new direction for the site is to have a group of these outstanding contributors as authors of this blog, and to create a Canucks “Fanzine” of sorts for Canucks fans, by Canucks fans.

Another exciting development for this season is that was asked to participate in the new Fanzone section at Part of their vision is to unite the best fan contributors on the web, and form a “fan branch” of the media so to speak. This blog will aid in that effort and eventually we hope to be providing some cool features as the Fanzone grows and develops over the next little while.

George Fawcett’s outstanding Canucks History database is still here and is new and improved. Tom’s Blog is of course still going strong.

I think/hope that you are going to like the new format. I am excited about it and it could be a really good year for the site.

For now, please bear with us as we get the rest of the site up to speed with our new format.