Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

I want to wish the best of luck to a couple of bloggers that I have come to enjoy reading. Mike (Yankee Canuck) and Sean Zandberg (Waiting For Stanley) have combined their creative talents to join SportsBlogs Nation as Nucks Misconduct. I’ve run this Canucks site for over 13 years now, but I am new […]

Like the Canucks, we’re back to business this week. I had planned to step away from the site during the All-Star break, but hackers made sure that wouldn’t happen. Looks like we’re all good now, and thankfully nothing was lost or destroyed, but it was a major annoyance in my life this weekend. Mission accomplished […]

Well, here we go again. Another season is upon us and Canucks fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting the drop of the puck. The night will start with sadness and a memorial to late Canucks defenseman Luc Bourdon. The club will then attempt to honour his memory with a solid opening night performance. With a high […]

Hi everyone, and welcome to what is still a work in progress. Canucks Corner is starting it’s 12th season on the internet, and we’re taking things in a new direction. Several years ago now, Tom Benjamin approached me with the idea of adding a blog to Canucks Corner. I didn’t even know what a blog […]