Sunday, April 20th, 2014

Anyone jumping off the bandwagon today should be banned from watching in April when it matters most.

Episode 6: NHL Awards Better late than never right? Well don’t shoot the messenger, blame the webmaster. A couple of hectic days has made this podcast a day or more late. Jason and Chris focus on the NHL awards and other things in this episode of the podcast with no name on My apologies […]

By Jason Kurylo, In the sixth episode of the podcast, Chris “Grease Is My Favourite Musical” Withers gives us the lowdown on the one member of the Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks who used to wear a Canucks jersey – a guy who used to get all the NHL’s bad haircut press before Patrick […]

The boys are back. They still don’t have a name, and to be quite frank none of the submissions so far have caught the ear of Jason and Chris. So come on folks lets’ name this podcast! If we have to wait all off-season we will but that just means you’ll be hearing this sales […]

Jason and Chris are back and they have a problem. They can no longer call the podcast “Bernier Is A Turd” and they need to come up with a new name. Sounds like a good excuse to give away a prize right? I have a 2009-2010 Vancouver Canucks Yearbook, as well as an official Canucks […]