10 Things: I Hate About You, Canucks fans

Sitting pretty and quietly at The Rog

Sitting pretty and quietly at The Rog


As I visit the twitter verse, Facebook pages, fan sites and just a simple conversation with a good number of Canucks fans, I at times want to ram my head through a wall. Why? To simplify it for some, no matter what happens with the team, some of them are just not satisfied…with anything.

I decided to put together a short list about what I hate about Canucks fans, from a Canucks fan.

1. Over-analyzing trades: There isn’t a fan base in the whole league who would break apart a trade and find as many ways as to why it was such a terrible trade for the Vancouver Canucks. It’s been nearly two years, and the Cody Hodgson/Zack Kassian trade is ripped apart on a daily, no make that hourly basis here in Vancouver. Hell, some are still talking about the Cam Neely trade from the 1980’s! Give it up already! Deal with it, and carry on. For my two cents on the Hodgson/Kassian trade. The immediacy of a competent 3rd line centre is making this trade look more like a ‘mistake’. The Canucks don’t really *need* a power forward type of player currently. It will also take Kassian to develop to see if he will make the grade. Don’t believe me? Two words: Todd Bertuzzi.
2. Blame Luongo: No matter if this man has a good game or a great game, there are many out there that would rather rip into him rather than give him any credit. He is the first to get blamed, and the last to get praise. When the Canucks lose 4-1 to any team, immediately, some fans cry, “Luongo let in four goals!” It is hardly ever, “Wow, the team only has one goal to support an effort by Bobby Lu.” I know he has to be the money guy, and at times he has been, but when there is no goal scoring, a goalie can only keep out so many on his own. Remember that “own goal”, Vancouver so graciously gave Montreal? There was a tweeter that RT’ed someone bringing up that Luongo should have had his skate right at the post so that would not have gone in. Well, smarty pants, Luongo wasn’t exactly expecting an error of communication in front of him between two defensemen that he should be guarding his post oh so dearly. If that was Schneider or even Lack in net, no one would blame them whatsoever. So, has Schneider got his first win yet on a winless NJ team? I’m sure Jersey fans are blaming their guys between the pipes for that too.
3. National Lampoon’s Anthem: I’m not sure what is wrong with some that come to the arena and hoot and holler all throughout the anthem(s), but it seems to happen way too often. How about we show the singer, the countries and yourselves a little respect and either just sing, or just shut the f*** up, please! There is no worse arena in the league that does that. Have some national pride.
4. Bronx Cheering Inappropriately: You realize how this all started right? It was the Yankees fans razzing the opposing team’s pitchers that just gave up a crap ton of runs to their team. Translate that into hockey and it’s when your team has a good lead, and the opposing team’s goalie lets in so many goals, he is either pulled or continues the frustration on the blue ice. So when Carey Price has a 1-1 tie, you can’t start rousing the “CAARRRRRREEEEEEEEE” chant. Tactless, unacceptable, and just down right makes not only you, but the rest of us look stupid.
5. Diminishing The “W”:Winning pretty or winning ugly have a common denominator, can you guess? I will give you a hint, it starts with a Wih– and ends with a “ning”. Now, I’m not sure, but I believe the objective of the game is to score more goals than the opponent. Whether is 12-1 or 2-1, both types of game equate to the same thing at the end of 60 minutes or 60 to 65 minutes or through to the shoot out, two points. Now, although I would love to see the Canucks win with pretty goals, keeping their opponents on their heels, an ugly win still counts. If the team is struggling but still winning, it does make it easier for them to get a groove and feel less pressure to live up to the expectations. Take the two points, know it can get better, but two points now is just as important as two points in March.
6. The Game Starts at…:So get your asses in your seats and get ready for game time! So many times, I am in my seat, and I see between 1/4 to 1/3 of Rogers Arena and it takes well into the first period before the seats looks more full than not. Is it the beer lines? Is it the entrance door staff? Whatever it is, when the puck is dropped, a good number of the Rogers Arena Contingent can’t seem to be on time for the start of the game.
7. “The Sellout” Crowd: Yes, technically if all tickets are sold, but not all seats are filled, it’s a sellout. And I don’t really blame the Canucks for this one. You can have people buy the tickets, but you can’t head to their houses and places of employment or hire a F/T person to individually call the season ticket holders who leave their seats empty for games they aren’t attending to show up come game time. If you have tickets, but cannot attend the game, instead of wasting them and not having success re-selling them, how about donating them to a local charity? I’m sure a worker, or a prize winner would love to have that as a bonus.
8. Gossip Girls/Guys: Whether a rumour be true or not, I find it extremely laughable how much some out in Canuckland, eat the gossip cookies like it was their last meal. People get fed a rumour about the team, and next thing you know, a player was traded as a result of that rumour. Who really knows but those with the inside track. If someone brings up points to oppose the popular beliefs, they are tagged as “ignorant” or aren’t “in the know” of the inner dealings, feelings and wheelings of the Vancouver Canucks. Ask yourself, unless you were a fly in that jock strap, are you an insider?
9. Rogers Library errr Arena: I am not quite sure what has happened over the last few years, but the once electric atmosphere of Rogers Arena/GM Place, is more these days seemingly a part of the Vancouver Public Library branches. You don’t have to have permission or repeatedly be told to “MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” by DJ Dave. Make some on your own accord. Have some fun, cheer on the boys when they are down, make those around see how much you enjoy the game and your team. Having to be prompted to cheer on your team is right up there with Inappropriate Bronx Cheering. The only time that place gets loud is when there is a big round of boo’s or when a Canucks goal is scored.
10. “Gotta Catch the Skytrain Before The Rush”: Really? You’re going to get out of the seat that you paid a good amount of $$$ for because you want to be the first to get on the Skytrain home? I don’t care if the Canucks look like paint gun victims and the goal light is permanently red at the Canucks end, I don’t *get it*. . It could be an amazing victory by the home team, but between 3-7 minutes to go in the third period, a mass exodus of Canucks “fans”, make their way for the exits and are homeward bound. Why can’t you just sit another few minutes and finish the game? It’s only a few more minutes? If you’re not standing in a line up to get out of the arena, you’re standing at the Skytrain to get a fare ticket for your ride home or elbowing your way to a cab. I have been to 27 arenas in the NHL, and the Canucks fans are by far the worst at leaving the arena early and so many other fan bases comment on it after seeing it on TV and shake their heads like you caused them to have Parkinson’s disease. So do yourselves and your fellow Canucks fans a favour, sit the f*** down and finish the game. It’s embarrassing.

First blog of the year and I have made sure I endeared myself to the general fan base. Virtual high-fives all around!

Justine Galo


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  1. Simon says

    I agree with most points here! But the part about getting over the Neely trade, that was The worst trade in Pro Sports period. So when it just keeps on giving the Bruins talent like Milan Lucic as a domino from that trade it’s gonna get analyzed over and over!
    I hope Kassian turns into 1/2 of Bertuzzi was but I don’t think so!
    And I am for getting rid of that stupid David Lee Roth Wooo thing…….THAT SUCKS!!!

  2. says

    Well said Justine!!,some of us have passion for our team yet are unable to attend every game due to work,expense and various other reasons,you pay your money to watch a fast exciting contact sport so to those I echo Justine’s words and say sit your ass down for the whole sixty or more,cheer for your team make a noise,get excited and show some ‘ENTHUSIASM’ and who are these people that go straight home??? whether a win or a loss surely the adrenaline and buzz of watching live sport means you are alive with the energy of a teenager??,hit the town and celebrate/commiserate in the bars and hang outs with your fellow Canucks.
    As for trades…..coho is gone,Zack is here…….deal with it!!.
    As for Strombone #1………….he is still an ELITE goalie and without his contract would have had his pick of teams…….the Ginger one is gone and Luo is still here,get behind him,and the team because we don’t lose games just because of Poor goal tending,the five well paid athletes in front of him are also culpable (to blame,guilty at fault) for a poor showing……….Be positive because under Tort’s I believe we have a bright future………another talking point ha ha.

  3. Zach Morris says

    …Gonna have to disagree with you about the Coho-Kassian trade.

    CoHo was not, is not and never will be a third line centre. He is absolutely atrocious defensively; if I’m not mistaken he was bottom 50 in the league last year for Corsi.

    • says

      I had no opinion on that either way. Kassian needs time to develop. Cody is a defensive liability but as we have seen with the twins, that can be overcome with time.

      All I want is for the fans to stop talking about it like it would have been a difference maker for this team. A team I love but is on the decline.

      • Horsey Mcveigh says

        The twins were never defensive liabilities, they were always strong on the boards and had one of the best cycle games for rookies I have ever seen. Puck possession was never a issue, moving their game to the front of the net took time to get better quality chances. Defense was always fine, Marc Crawford had them killing penalties and so does Torts, AV just didn’t want his scorers doing that so he kept all four lines involved in the game. Cody on the other hand wanted the silver spoon treatment and doesn’t seem to care or even want to better himself in that area, he wants to be a top line player and score and set up with very little emphasis on the defensive side of the game and I believe it is a mind set instilled in him by his father. It’s great if your Wayne Gretzky and your team can fill the net like the old Oilers and you can win games 9-7 and 7-5 but those days are long gone and Cody is a player who will only ever develop half of his game and will never be a complete player until he realizes that. He has got his big money contract that he really never earned and he is playing on a top line of a bottom team and seems happy so good luck to him.

    • Horsey Mcveigh says

      Besides that they are a year apart in age and a completely different type of player. One is a soft center who is a defensive liability who can put up points and the other a power forward winger who will not fill the net by any means but can get to the hard areas and stay there and cause fits for defense. When these players are both fully developed I will take the one that can not be moved in front of the net in game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.

  4. BedBeats says

    Liked your top-10.

    Have some to add:

    -The annual “trade the Twins/do not resign the Twins” idiot banter. Do not even have to explain how idiotic this sentiment is.

    -Fans with no opinion of their own. But are content with agreeing with The Provinces off-base opinion pieces about the team. Yep, if Botchford says “______ sucks”, then he is right, and we will never question someone that knows jack about the game.

    -Trevor Linden fans: the most unrealistic player fans ive ever encountered. Yep, fire AV, hire Linden as coach. Linden has what sort of coaching experience?!!

    -Canuck cliches by fans, that make me barf: “beast mode(Kesler)”, “classy(Linden)”,”choke(Lu,Nazzy)”, “sends chills down my spine”(Where The Streets Have No Name), Fire MG/AV (and im sure Torts in some capacity soon).

    Canuck fans can be the most laziest, unimaginative, boorish, and spoiled fans in the NHL.

  5. Stacy says

    The anthem thing and fans leaving the arena early is not only in Rogers arena – I’ve seen it in other arenas – so calling canucks fan by far the worst when it comes to those two things is big overstatement. There seems to be a lot of anger in the tone of this post.

    • Tanya says

      Whenever I’ve been to games the fans always sing the anthem and are respectful of both anthems. I guess I was just lucky? It was extremely embarrassing when they booed that American kid during the World Jrs. a few years back though. To my knowledge, Canuck fans have never been as disrespectful to any anthem as they have been known to do in Montreal. I’ve heard our anthem booed in a lot of US arenas too along with their silly chants of USA! USA! during our anthem. In fact, wasn’t our anthem booed a few times in Boston during the SCF? And at least our singers know the words to the American anthem!!

      As for fans leaving early … that annoys me too. I don’t even turn the TV off until the game is over, no matter what the score! But did anyone happen to notice the stands in Buffalo yesterday? Almost all of the Sabre fans were gone by the end of the game leaving only Canuck fans :)

      When they started chanting Carey during the game vs. Montreal, I cringed too. I guess they don’t ask for IQ scores when they sell tickets lol.

      I agreed with most of what you said and I know it applies to some Canuck fans but don’t forget that there are many of us who cheer the team on no matter what and have remained loyal for many years. There are many of us who have survived the early years; the Cam Neely trade; the Bertuzzi incident; trading Trevor Linden; suffered through watching Messier skate leisurely around the ice as he collected his big pay cheque; suffered through all the ribbing from other fans about our lack of a Stanley Cup, the references to the Sisters (oh how I detest that term!); the lack of respect for our team from other fan bases, the CBC, etc. and through it all we have loved this team. It’s too bad the idiots overshadow all of us sensible fans!

  6. Kay says

    I wanna add overdone cliches to the mix. It’s almost as if fans (and media) can’t formulate their own opinions so they just spew and re-spew every cliche about our own players every chance they get – e.g. “LOL WELLWOOD IS FAT” or “OMG RAYMOND FALL DOWN SOME MORE” or the less noticeable but just as prevalent “Bieksa is so lazy” or “they should shoot more on the PP” etcetcetc

  7. says

    You know, I agree with you on all of these. Of course there is one other type of Canuck fan that annoys me more than all of these put together – the one that never ever blames Luongo for anything ever and acts like he has zero responsibility in any loss and complete responsibility for every win. That fan makes me want to punch kittens. lol

  8. Lisa Martin says

    I went to my first game earlier this year and I was blown away to see ROWS of empty seats during almost the entire 2nd period. The section was the club section (I don’t know the official name) and I know these seats run at least $250 a seat. Why fork over that kind of $$$ to not watch the game? I don’t get it. Like the blogger says…donate your unused tickets to organisations who have people/kids who could never afford to go to one game in their lifetime. I bet they wouldn’t budge from these seats.

  9. Melissa W. says

    I agree with most of your points, but as for leaving early, there are times you just have to. I live out in the Fraser Valley and often have left the game when there is about 10 seconds left in the game due to the fact that my dad doesn’t want to hit most of the traffic as we leave the game, even though we still have encountered it. I can see where you are coming from, but depending on where people live, they may want to leave as early as they as they can as they have a long drive ahead of them, for example if they have come out from the Eastern Fraser Valley.

    • says


      That I understand but 3/4 of the lower bowl have the same issue? I know a good couple of that for sure that exact same problem. Also those who brought younger children can make the early exit due to sleep schedule of a child, but those just leaving because they don’t like what has happened ont he ice or just because it’s a blow out (either way not just against)

  10. Lou F. says

    Judging by the many; I mean MANY inaccuracies of your “list”. I’m skeptical that you’ve ever stepped foot in Vancouver, let alone Rogers Arena and Canucks games. You should be ashamed of writing such a disturbing article.

    • says


      I’m a season ticket holder that actually attends about 30 (depending when my work travel kicks in)or more games at Rogers Arena and have been so for about the last six years.

      I have been to 27 NHL arenas to watch the Canucks or other teams, and a few of them repeatedly, including Scott Trade in St Louis, Toronto, Montreal and Buffalo to name a few.

      It’s disturbing because it’s an honest observation. The biggest problem I find with some Canucks fans, is they aren’t honest about their image as a fan base across the league and about their team.

      I believe, I have a better insight as to what I see at the arena, night in and night out than you spewing your ignorance my way without any sort of knowledge of how much time I spend around ardent fans, knowing some of the media, albeit on a casual level and actually being in the arena on weekday and weekend games.

      Don’t believe? I can forward a few other season ticket holders that have seen the change along with me.



      • eddie lack says

        Not to put words in his mouth, but your defense of your column was not about why he called your list inaccurate, but instead about why you feel that you’re a suitable enough judge to create a list. You’re not. You’re a lipstick hockey fan.
        1. trades (and rumours) are trades, they’re perpetuated by sports media that needs to fill 12hrs of air time
        2. The lou issue’s a tough one. If you were a canuck fan that understood hockey, you’d understand.
        3. Anyone not singing along with our national anthem should be shot. Like an american.
        4. Bronx cheering is cheering ironically. IE: “loooooooouuuuuuu” after the fourth five hole goal of the game…..“CAARRRRRREEEEEEEEE” (should be caaaaaaaaaaarrrrrre-eeeeeee) is taunting, much like chanting siiiiiiiiiiiiidd-nneeeeee before he takes a penalty shot – if you weren’t part of the problem of #9 you’d understand.
        5. Back to the lack of hockey knowledge, if a team’s playing bad but has puck luck on their side, then there are issues, and reason to question a win
        6. Agreed
        7. Scalpers are 30% of the sellout crowd
        8. If nobody cared, the media wouldn’t follow things as closely. It’s the same in every canadian market….it’s actually kinda a good thing, whithout it we’d be relegated to college football and baseball talk
        9. Get seats in the upper bowl next year sweetie
        10. Fair play to the folks in the boonies who are looking forward to an hour long stretch of 2 lane highway bumper-to-bumper, but shame on anyone who doesn’t stick around for the 3 stars.
        #1. Fans chanting SHOOOOT! when we’re on the pp, despite there not being a lane or a scoring chance to convert on (I KNOW you’re one of them)

        I’m sure there’s others, but i’m usually too busy watching the game……you should try it.

        • says

          #3…What the hell does a national anthem have to do with a hockey game, or any other sporting event. I hate that anthem bull zhit at a hockey game. Besides our anthem is Mickey Mouse and sounds like a high school band teacher wrote it, but having said that, I apologize to high school band teachers, everywhere.
          #4…Would somebody please take that idiot on the PA system out back and dispose of him. The awful bastardizing of players names has to go.
          And when I lived in Vancouver I hated that whenever a Canuck player touched the puck the crowd would all together “OOOOOOH” then stand. I quit going to games.
          Now i like to see them get spanked, I don;t care who does it, just spank em. Makes my day.

    • says

      If you wouldn’t mind specifying some of my inaccuracies in this post, I’d love to have a chance to give you some examples of Canucks fans bad behaviour.

      The other commenters have given me specific grievances but you haven’t, as many on the Facebook page that just bashed it, dismissed it or hated it. No reasoning, no backup of as to why you think that, just opinion, which is really weak considering you won’t cite what you think are inaccuracies.

  11. Horsey Mcveigh says

    Well said, our fans are the worst in the league and it’s about time someone said something about it, it is an absolute embarrassment but with the media we have leading our sheep what do you expect. In Canada weather it be the pro Toronto CBC/TSN/SN or the uneducated Sports Columnists that are mostly the Province Newspaper it is no wonder our fans are the worst informed.
    The Vancouver Canucks should have their own media, 24 hour channel, newspaper, etc, I think it would be a smart en devour for the deep pockets of Mr.Aquillini to keep his fans properly informed and educated instead of the trash we are forced to read, the garbage we are forced to listen to on the radio on Team 1040, and the filth we have to watch mainly on CBC.
    Why Don Cherry hasn’t been fired is beyond me, he is a dinosaur who needs his diaper changed. The prejudice and racism that comes out of that mans mouth on a weekly basis in an absolute joke and he is an embarrassment to Canada that our national CBC channel continues to give him a platform every week to spread his hate, not to mention how he says he knows everything and can predict everything that is going to happen, the narcissism that comes from this man is not only not entertaining but it’s down right sad.

    • says

      Don Cherry has hurt more kids and driven away more up and coming hockey players with is “Rockem Sockem” BS. He is bad for our game and a paleolithic relic. I once heard a story about Cherry calling Jean Connisky, the westler, a bohunk. Well after this they both happened to get on the same elevator at some sort of function. The door closed, noises were heard, thump, thump, thump, the door opens and connisky steps out by himself. That’s when I became a connisky admirer. Cherry’s baby Jesus routine a christmas ins particular makes me want to hurl. I wish Ron Maclean would just once back-hand him and say” Don STFU”.

  12. Jessica Alvarez says

    So much pretentiousness from someone who is a part of the fans you apparently hate so much. I don’t know what you thought writing a blog would accomplish but you are doing nothing but compounding the problem with your unnecessary whining. Where exactly do you get off saying these things? What exactly entitles you to dictate how a fan should behave or what an evening at the hockey rink should be like? You have season tickets? Get over yourself! What other people are doing shouldn’t be of your concern!!

    • says

      Canucks fans have a horrible reputation and people like you, Jessica, are probably part of the reason why. We have to reflect and look at how we act and Justine has every right to comment on the silly things we do. Living in another team’s city has given me a perspective I didn’t have in Vancouver and I see why fans like you – who blindly attack anoyone with an opinion different than your own are so annoying.

      • Jessica Alvarez says

        Kind of like how Justine is attacking other fans who don’t support the team in the same way she does? Be quiet Victoria, please. Before you post another redundant comment.

        • says

          Yep, you’re the problem. Thanks for being such a great example of the idiot Vancouver fans the world hates.

          You’re also embarrassingly hypocritcal since you’re attacking Justine for not being the type of fan you are (the loud, ignorant,childish, illogical kind with no ability for internal reflection). Sadly, you’re not bright enough to figure that out.

  13. says


    I’ve been a Canucks fan for 33 years. It has progressively gotten worse. People complaining what time games are, the league round conspiracy against the team, how much CBC hates them but do nothing to endure themselves to help the situation. Instead, it’s much like your nerve plucked, knee jerk reaction.

    You know why I concerned? It’s because I am miraculously painted with the same brush as the idiots that are giving good fans that name. How about you get over denial and open your mind a little more. There is truth and justification in some of the hate and embarrassment around the league towards us Canucks fans. The first step in dealing with a problem, is to acknowledge it. Perhaps it’s time you start just that.

    • Jessica Alvarez says

      You are way too concerned with yourself Justine. Anybody who would try to give you a bad time simply because of a team you support is nobody you would want to be around in the first place!!
      I frankly don’t care about this sudden stigma associated with being a Canucks fan… It’s pointless to get hung up over what other people think and it’s a wasted effort to try and force change on everyone out there who fits your lists criteria. Speaking of your list, what a joke. A portion of fans leave the stadium early to catch the bus home, ergo we’re embarrassments around the league? I’m hated by everyone because I don’t show up to my seat on time? Scalpers have a strong hold on the teams ticket sales and other teams hate us fans for it? 33 year fan or not, your list sounds like the whining of a judgmental asshole.

  14. Michael L says

    I want to put my thoughts into this blog:

    1. I agree with all the points stated in the blog.
    2. Things that annoy me at a Canucks game are people who don’t know anything about hockey, but acts like they actually know something.
    3. Another pet peeve that annoys be during Canuck games is that when the lights are dimmed and the intro is going on people who arrive early plan on taking out their phones or Camera’s and recording the intro, but yet people show up late and walk right in front of your recording which completely ruins it.
    4. I don’t understand how the Canucks Introduction get’s worse & worse every year I don’t think we all want to watch a video saying “We Are All Canucks”. I rather see an intro with more vibe to it such as the team actually playing other teams around the NHL rather than watching them workout.
    5. Lastly, I believe that the “Make Some Noise” booming out of the sound system gets annoying. It’s alot more fun when Rogers Arena allows the fans to create the Noise rather than having to tell us to create the noise.

    Those are my 5 points.

  15. BenDrinkin says

    I think we all have to face it, we are the most embarrassing fan base in the league, possibly the world. We don’t deserve the cup.

  16. rob says

    wow,whining about whiners.that makes all of you huge whiners.my gripes are the canucks only get 1 power play a game and we haven’t won a cup yet.

  17. John Matrix says

    Good list, but I also would have added:

    11) Fans who think they know when a player should come back from an injury, because they themselves once had the “exact” same injury and recovered from it in a week.

  18. DT says

    Justine, solid points on your list and others have added more, i.e. David Lee Roth and the woo birds (hatred for which is only matched by the despicable “Chelsea’s Dagger” tune . I find it interesting there’s so much commonality to a Canuck’s fans gripes. My leaf-nation friends and most others who support just about any other Canadian team, all have fun going to Canucks games and pointing out the hockey faux-pas of the surrounding “fans”. It’s embarrassing.

  19. Smacken says

    The 11th item on this list should be 11) Whiney self righteous fans who write blog articles putting down other Canucks fans in a feeble attempt to boost their own ego.

  20. Smokey says

    To be fair, if you cheer too “aggressively” the staff will threaten to kick you out. I’ve seen it happen at every game I’ve been at, people getting shushed or reprimanded for being too loud or too vocal. When you’re paying $200 for a ticket and $50 for a hotel and $75 for food and beverages just to come over and see the Canucks, you don’t want to take the risk of getting tossed in the first period because you were too enthusiastic for some powertripping security guard, or some busybody a few rows down who is trying to take a phone call, or what have you.

  21. Matt says

    Wow…. Well, agree with most points, but people are too stuck up when it comes to cheering here.. If youre supporting the guys, then who cares, it’s all in good fun and that’s what we came to do…cheer for the club… Don’t be so stuck up about how people cheer, it’s sad and says, hey, look at me, I take everything too seriously..

  22. dubplatenate says

    I only have one thing to say, I went to many games and was always told to be quiet. The staff don’t want you to be loud. It’s hockey game!! I want my boys to win, I want to cheer them on. It doesn’t make sense. Anyway, my two cents.

    • Jerry Sandusky says

      It’s true, it’s a joke. They aren’t even selling out anymore, the tickets are all being bought by ownership to maintain the sellout string. This team is turning into a utter joke. Our Gm needs to get a backbone and call out the league and CBC for the way it’s treated. have the cities back MG, we don’t want to take this garbage officiating anymore and we don’t want to listen to this filth spewed every year by our National (Give me a break) channel where we watch hockey night in Canada, why don’t the just call it it “HOCKEY NIGHT IN ONTARIO” Healy, Cherry, MacLean, and the rest of those jackasses should only be able to do their circle jerk show in Toronto for Toronto by Toronto.

      PS I feel bad they still let Bob Cole go on the air ( He is just sad and has been for the last 10 years)

  23. Alex says

    This is mainly for the 3rd point about the anthems. Don’t we usually cheer when we say the word ‘Free’? and for the most part many are singing, especially when Mike Donnelly gives us the mike, which is something I haven’t seen at a 3 hockey games that i have been too. To be upset about this, is like being upset with Jet fans when they yell ‘TRUE NORTH’ which is awesome to hear.

  24. Gabriel says

    your blasting at the rich people who go see the canucks at over priced rates, think of the die hard fans who cant afford tickets.

  25. Leo says

    You don’t seem to know what a Bronx cheer is. Look it up.
    As for the rest of it, I don’t believe in the Canucks fan bullshit. It’s a bunch of crap made up by assholes from other parts of Canada who move here. They don’t like being in a city where their team isn’t the team everyone supports and get defensive and start picking on Canuck fans out of some deranged attack/defense instinct.

    I refuse to buy into it. I’ll tell you one thing though, say what you want about Canuck fans, unlike leaf fans we don’t talk shit about OTHER fans.

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