Feelings of a Post-Lockout Canucks Fan

After 113 days of an NHL work stoppage via lockout, it’s actually safe to say it’s finally over. It’s official, the NHL is back in business. However, some fans have voiced out the they don’t really care if the lockout is over. They are not happy with the NHL and their local teams. Many have said they will boycott the games and not watch any of the NHL. Some said they won’t spend a cent that would benefit their local hockey and some said they will take up knitting. Well, I can’t knit, but to each their own.

I’ve talked to many fans on twitter like @ThePrawnGuy ,Jay Mayede, who said he is boycotting the NHL because of this lockout. He even went to far to tweet just how long:

@ThePrawnGuy:<—- pretty much ignoring hockey until after Grey Cup in Nov.

Jay has expressed he is probably going to buy Vancouver Whitecaps FC season tickets and for the money he’d spend for three or four Canucks games.

@ThePrawnGuy: … for 4 decent Canucks tickets, i could buy Lions or Whitecaps seasons tix and get change

Meanwhile Jason Baker, @JBonCanucks has had mixed feelings about the whole thing and tweeted to me

@JBonCanucks: Just excited to have hockey back and that’s sort of what I’m choosing to focus on. Not as much time invested though.

This seems to be the most common consensus of the majority of the Canucks fans on twitter and those that I have talked to personally. Even long time season ticket holder, Chris Baldwin, @cbaldwin74, is still a little ‘iffy’ on jumping in wholeheartedly. Although he was disgruntled by the lockout, he does feel the Canucks are trying to make amends, at least throughout the beginning of the season with their fan offers.

@cbaldwin74: I think the Canucks are making a good start -canucks link- This has to be a “Season of the Fan and For the Fan”

@cbaldwin74: The @VanCanucks also need to make sure they target Season Ticket holders who left their money with the team

Then there are the likes of fans like Jocelyn Aspa aka @suitoflights  who said

¬†@suitoflights: I’m really excited about it! It’s been far too long, I’m ready for the puck to drop

Lindsay Bayne gave a heartfelt tweet talking about the upcoming season after viewing the newest Canucks TV Video

@causticchick: Well, I cried watching the new Canucks TV today, so I guess I’d say over-excited and emotional.

Excited isn’t enough to describe these ladies’ anticipation for the upcoming season and they are not alone!

I think it’s great to see a wonderful spectrum of opinions from the Canucks fan base. However, I am with Baldwin and Baker on this one. I am excited, but at the same time, I am hoping the Canucks do as much as they can to show the fans they are appreciated.

Are the Canucks the villians in this situation? Did they gauge the fans until we’re bled dry and want more now that they are back in business? If that is the case, nothing the Canucks do will be enough for some, that’s ok. We have the choice to say no. Remember that.

Can't wait to see some this at Rogers Arena!

For me? I am excited to be heading to Rogers Arena and hitting my foursquare check-in for a hockey game, not a rock concert. But I’m not ready to depart with funds to buy new merchandise quite yet. Call it my little ‘boycott’ towards the NHL, the NHLPA and their ‘lockout’. The difference between me and the ‘complete boycott’ people? I love Canucks hockey way too much to be away from it for too long.¬† So I will see you at the rink, in last year’s fashions, but I will be there, in anticipation for a new Canucks season.

Parting words: Go Canucks Go!

Justine Galo






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  1. says

    I am with you about loving hockey too much. I work at the Joe and it is going to be hard to walk away from the merch but that is my way of saying ENOUGH is ENOUGH. My plan was to wait until the Banner Raising Ceremony for Nick Lidstrom but that isn’t going to happen. That is a year and a month or so away. I know I won’t be able to hold out that long. I am going to try and hold out until next season my boyfriend already bought some stuff and if he happens to buy me something I am not going to turn it down. I know I have a problem. LOL.

    • says

      Always great to hear from you Jamie! Love hearing what’s coming right out of Motor City! Hey, if it’s free, you don’t need to be too picky, and it’s hard when you get gifts you feel you shouldn’t take, but hockey gear? As long as it’s not your money right?

  2. says

    I think the dynamic of blaming the league, but sympathizing with the local team, is pretty common. As for me, I cancelled the Center Ice package, so won’t pay to watch out-of-market games any more. But I’ll still go to games…

    • says

      So looking forward to reading more from you Dirk! Hope the Preds didn’t lose the momentum they have worked so hard to gain in Nashville! Hope to catch a game down there soon and we can share a brew!

      • says

        Over the weekend, some of us bloggers had a Q&A with Preds management, and according to them, season ticket cancellations were very low (implying something like single-digits), and they didn’t lose a single corporate sponsor during the lockout, so the momentum shouldn’t be much of a problem here.

        Come on down sometime! Nashville is a great place to visit for a game. The arena is right in the middle of downtown, ask around the hockey media and you’ll find its one of their favorite destinations.

  3. Jim Pethalsky says

    Besides the Lidstrom ceremony, im not watching nor attending games this season. Spending on merchandise also boycotted. Well written as always, enjoyed reading as always…

    • says

      Jim, hats off to the way you have supported this sport. I’m sorry they have disenchanted you so much you’re doing what you feel you need to do. When you feel it’s time to watch again, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on games, league issues and your awesome insight on the Redwings!

  4. Jim Pethalsky says

    Dirk I know 2 people in that office and they both told me that they had a 15% cancellation of season tickets upon the announcement of the lockout. Im sure there will be returnees though

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