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  1. Richard Knight
    October 17, 2012

    Thanks Brian, this is great info on what’s really involved.

    As for questions, what I’d really like to know next time is I suppose on the scheduling side; you’ve listed all the costs, but what is the day-to-day in terms of getting up early, driving to the rink, hanging around or whatnot…

    • Bruce Ng
      October 17, 2012

      thanks for the comment! i am thinking about posting more on this as the season goes on. in terms of scheduling there have been a whole lot of changes – i think that is expected as there are a lot of kids on a lot of teams. however, after all the changes, we average about 2-3 practices a week.

      the earliest time Matthew is on the ice is 7AM on a Saturday, which means we are up at 6AM, get some breakfast in his tummy, leave the house by 6:30. thankfully we’re close to the rink, so we still have time to get his skates and gear on. i hang out at the rink since practice is only an hour. i’ll have another post with some more details soon!

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