Define Tough? Answer: Henrik Sedin

I think I am not going to write about the 0-3 series lead the Los Angeles Kings have over the Vancouver Canucks so far in the first round of the NHL playoffs. In fact, I’m sure there are 500 other blogs about it from all over the blog-es-sphere. So I won’t rehash it. I do however want share a small experience and why I think the toughest guy in the NHL isn’t a prototypical NHL tough guy. He doesn’t fight, he doesn’t get in too many people’s faces and he sure isn’t what you call an ‘intimidating’ figure, but yes, I do sure feel that Henrik Sedin is one tough S.O.B.

This was all inspired after the Dustin Brown hit on Henrik early in the game. A tweeter put out there:

“Sedin currently day to day with a strained labia”

How ‘creative’ this person was! No one has ever heard the Sedins referred to as women before! Wow, I hate to break it to you, but I think that joke actually started in Vancouver in 1999 during Henrik and Daniel’s first training camp. You’re a little late to the party.

Another insinuation that Henrik Sedin is a wimp because he doesn’t ‘fight back’ or have any ‘testicular fortitude’.  Frankly I’m sick of it hearing how much of a ‘p*ssy’ Henrik is and the lack of respect he doesn’t get because in their eyes he’s not ‘tough’. I hate to break to you out of shape sports writers and ‘avid’ fans but he is damn tough. Why? Because he’s lasted over 560 games straight in the NHL without missing one.

It takes a tough man to take the abuse Henrik takes on the ice and do his job night in and night out. It takes a tough man to train rigorously in the off-season to make sure he takes the precautions to have a long career and a strong season. Wow, he’s smart also.  Most of all it takes strong man to go out there to do all this for over 560 games as many ignorant fans all around the NHL, call him a ‘p*ssy’, a ‘faggot’ and the one he and brother seem to always hear is that he is a woman.  My reaction tweet to that was:

@Aviewfromabroad: Hank takes his hits, keeps his mouth shut and keeps on playing. Leading by example. If that makes him a girl, he’s all woman. #Canucks

Another point that I need to address is what makes ‘demeaning’ Henrik or any other man on earth to refer to them as women, is a very misogynistic attitude towards the fairer sex and there is no real need for such insults in this day and age. As a woman, I certainly don’t appreciate having men referred to as women. Are you saying we are not equal enough in your eyes? Go back to the 1950’s please, we don’t need you in this modern world. Alright, back to Henrik.

There are different definitions of toughness in hockey. One is that of guys that can duke it out on the ice. Others have a mental toughness to keep their nerves calms in high pressure situations. One is to endure abuse day in and day out on the ice (and off) and continue to do your job, (well might I add) to the best of your abilities without games interrupted, season after season. The last one is what Henrik Sedin embodies and anyone with an ounce of intelligence of hockey will see what level toughness it takes to be the Ironman of the NHL, over 560 games tough.

Hey but according to that tweet and its writer that inspired all this, what do I know? I’m only a broad.


Justine Galo

Twitter: @Aviewfromabroad


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    • Justine Galo says

      You’re being a little vague. I was summarizing the fact that Henrik takes hits and keeps coming back. 560 plus games in a row makes him a tough guy.

      Pretty clear that I wasn’t specifying one game.

  1. says

    In watching the “clean hit” on Sedin I’m thinking, the guy was blind sided! How can he be expected to have his head up when didn’t have a chance to get his head up. The same is happening in football. These so called, “clean hits” are nothing more than “cheap shots.”

    • Justine Galo says

      Lots of people think as you do, Don, but I didn’t specify whether I thought the hit was clean or not. I’m making an overall assessment of just how tough Henrik has to be as a player to survive the NHL as their current ironman with 560 plus without missing a beat.

  2. says

    Justine, Henrik is one tough bastard. The iron man streak is one thing, but when you’re the captain of “the most hated team in the NHL”, maintaining that streak is FAR more difficult, by an order of magnitude. People often think tough and smart are exclusive of each other, but they exist together in Henrik.

    Henrik gets hit, and he keeps getting up to play the next game. And he’s usually smart enough to know how to avoid the real bone crushing hits, but he got caught last night by Dustin Brown (who had Henrik in his crosshairs from well behind the blue line if you watch him on the replay). But even after that hit, he still played on. That’s tough.

    • Justine Galo says

      Durability is a big part of being tough. So many tough guys are out 5-10 games at a time on several occasions during a season or two. I don’t take away that these prototypical guys aren’t tough, but Hank is just a different type of toughness.

      Dropping gloves don’t always equate to how tough it is to survive the NHL.

  3. says

    That “tough guy” behind the bench last night with the” two Sedin sIsters no cup shirt”, would be dead if he took a hit like Henrik did last night. Actually he’d probably run to his mother if someone looked at him funny.

  4. C says

    Well put Justine. It was a blindsided it
    plain and simple. He was even skating.
    LA and Brown, King, Stoll, Richards have
    a previous rep for dirty hits whereas the
    Sedin’s only get flak because they are
    skilled hockey players who don’t bother
    with the pugilistic portion of hockey.
    The pugilism supporters would all probably
    prefer “MMA ON ICE” and enjoy the use
    of steroids. And they’re usually hippocrites.
    Lots of uncalled late hits this year and the
    refs level of what’s a penalty is on a sliding
    scale which is totally non-sensical and a joke.

  5. Tara says

    The Sedins are always “insulted” by being called women or women’s body parts. As a woman, I don’t get how this is an insult. It’s something to be proud of. Most people, men and women, with any sort of intelligence, always identify women, namely their mother, as one if not the strongest person they know. And yes I even mean in the physical sense. That misogynistic and ignorant males use the word “woman” to put down someone does not make it an insult. I feel sorry for these guys. Especially since the majority of them spend all of their time and money trying to land a female. Are they saying that they covet the Sedins because they equate the twins with that which they dream to possess? Or do they truly hate the same women with which they strive so hard to get hard with? Confused sexual feelings if you ask me. I guess the Sedins had them at Swedish twins.

  6. Farhan Lalji says

    Unfortunately, I think if the Canucks are in fact swept in this series, it might be time to blow this puppy up………….and before anyone flames me for being an over-impulsive nimrod, let us consider the facts:

    1) The current ‘core’ of this group (i.e. Sedins’, Luongo, Bieksa, Burrows, etc.) are all aged 31 and over.

    2) Back in 2004 when the Canucks lost to the Flames, it would’ve been CRAZY to suggest the idea of trading Naslund, Morrison, Bertuzzi, and Jovanovski. In retrospect however, it would have been a tremendous decision. Buy low sell high?

    Now – I’m not sure if Gillis himself should be entertaining these thoughts, but the truth of the matter is that assets decline. For every Detroit Redwings and Boston Bruins team that is out there (i.e. a Presidents trophy winning team that falls short, learns from their tough experience, and then rises to a cup victory 1-2 years later), there is also a San Jose Sharks and Washington Capitals as well (i.e. a Presidents’ trophy winning team that simply does not possess the mental fortitude to win the cup). Unfortunately – as much as I hate to admit it, perhaps the Canucks fall into that latter category……….just as the core that represented the good city of Vancouver 8 years ago did.

    We also saw what the WCE looked like in 2003/04…….and what they looked like 2 short years later.

    Perhaps its time for us to trade the twins before they turn into Naslund and Bertuzzi?

    Getzlaf and Perry in Anaheim are younger, bigger, and stronger. Anaheim is a team that could use a new direction. Perhaps the twins for Getzlaf and Perry would be just what the good doctor ordered?

    Schneider and Kesler could go to Columbus for Rick Nash.

    And there you have it – the Canucks would have a new top line of Nash-Getzlaf-Perry. They would be younger, bigger, and stronger, and more importantly, they would dominate when it mattered most. Why? Because – they would not be afraid to drive the net.

    • Farhan Lalji says

      Just to add to the above – take a look at the Philadelphia Flyers.

      Shortly after making the cup finals in 2010, they bombed badly a year later in the 2nd round. Instead of being a victim of a sinking ship, the Flyers’ GM traded away two of their best players in Jeff Carter and Mike Richards.

      Fast forward a year later? The Flyers look poised and ready to make another run to the cup.

    • Justine Galo says

      It’s enough for me to read your trade proposals on the forum boards. Although I agree that some sort of shake up could happen, I’m not sure if I am all in for giving away EVERYONE as you suggested.

      I don’t think I could last that many games like Hank has so far, which was what the post was about.

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